Monday, July 18, 2011

Drunken Wings

Drunken Wings..aww this is a lovely preparation and doesn't involve much work. Ideal for a weekend eat-in .   I have some chicken wings for roasting in the freezer. But after watching how easy it is to preapre this mouthwatering wine infused wings, I knew I had to make them for our dinner last Saturday :)   I served them as a cold was so good that I am going to make this again.   You can either serve them cold or at room temperature.   

All you need is some spring onions, a few slices of ginger, chicken wings and raisin wine/ chinese rice rice ( Hsiao Shing wine )  The original recipe calls for good grade of hsiao shing wine.  I replaced Hsiao shing wine with the homemade raisin wine and it was lovely :)  All you have to do is boil some water ( enough to cover the amount of wings ) When the water boils add in  spring onions tied into a knot and some slices of ginger.

When the water boils , add in sea salt and the wings and lower the heat to medium low and boils till the wings are cooked through.  Take the wings out and put them  into a bucket of icy cold water. Make sure the wings are completely submerged into the ice water. Leave them in ice water until the wings are icy cold to touch.  This process helps  tighten the skin and make the wings springy .

Take the chicken out and drain off excess water.  Pour enough raisin/hsiao shing wine into a wide mouth glass container, making sure that the wings are totally covered with the wine.  Close the lid and leave it for at least 6  hours so that the wine is infused into the wings.   For me , I leave the whole container in the fridge and leave them there till it is ready for serving . Served them cold was yummy !!!  A simple and no frills dish which can be prepared a day before.  You  will have your dinner guests asking for more :)))

So what do you think of this dish ???  I love to hear  all your opinions... I watched the show and using my imagination to virtually taste it so like wise you use yours and tell me whether you are impressed with it like I did...does this inspired you to try this dish out.  Leave me your comments please...I love to read your opinions and find out for myself whether I managed to inspire you with my pictures :p

Anyway, hope this dish will chase away your Monday blues 
have a nice day and God bless !

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  1. okay okay...i go defrost my chick wings now

  2. Sounds and looks great! I like the idea that you can prepare it ahead of time.

  3. Reminds me of Alvin's dish, "Drunken and Bruised" in Masterchef 2.

  4. Whoa, what a briallian idea! But have never tried the cold version. Sounds really special. thanks for sharing.
    Hope you're having a great week ahead.
    p/s Cheah already bising2! Asking me to go up for a gathering some time. haha...

  5. Kathy....yea...hope you like it :)

    Ping...yea it can be prepared ahead of time.

    Wendy...haha I like the name of Alvin's dish but mine must not be bruised LOL!

    Kristy...great idea . So if you on the way to Penang, let me know we can meet up for lunch or dinner :)

  6. Simply stunning! I wondering about drunken duck now... Yumm...

  7. So yummy looking that I am so hungry now though it is 1.10am. Theresa

  8. You had me with the word "drunken" - sounds delicious!

  9. I think I am going to get some chicken wings this afternoon...those look really appetizing.

  10. Elin, I already made the wine and now waiting patiently for them to mature. Can't wait to try them out. 18 more days to go :)

  11. This reminds me of home and Taiwan where they cook an entire chicken in wine and chop it up and serve it cold.

    Thanks for this taste of nostalgia ;)

  12. yes, it's an inspiration. I think this is quite simple to prepare this dish. By the way, what do you do with the wine afterwards?

  13. They sound amazing! The only thing I would miss would be the crispy chicken skin... but drunk in wine? YUMMO!

  14. PFx...maybe I should try dunking the duck into the wine one day :) thanks for the idea :)

    Piggy Jo...awww I miss cooking for you and Josh...come back and let me pamper you again :) Kimchi finish adi?

    Theresa...sorry to make you hungry...but virtual feasting at that hour is good for health :p Hope you slept well after feasting virtually :) sounded good..drunken wings and all :) is delicious, do try making this drunken wings..I bet you will love it :)

  15. Gertrude...I can't wait for your feedback too. I am sure you can whip up dishes using your own homemade wine :)

    Safire...yea almost the same :) I love it served cold...cold dish serve well as appetizer:)

    Lena...I used the wine for soup ( remember the soup that I cooked the wings in..Just add a ladle full of it to the soup and the rest kept in the fridge for the steamed chicken legs....a week of wine dishes : I felt drunk after that LOL!

    Ann..this is asian crispy skin but this is good for a change ...don't you think so? Have a good day Ann and thanks for dropping by always. I feel encouraged by your presence here :)

  16. Cold chicken drowned in wine? Maybe used meat slices...and serve with layers of ham? That may be nice...

  17. Arthur...hahaha great idea. I shall try your style. Drunken meat slices with ham...that would be nice :) Thanks :)

  18. looks delicious! a good idea for another dinner dish for hubs and I.

    Now I know where to go to find simple cook dish :p


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