Friday, July 15, 2011

Herbs Baked Sweet Potato Fries

I used up the remnant of the Australia Sweet Potatoes and turned them into herbs baked was one finger lickin' good snack for Wild Boar and myself :p  Each a plate to ourselves reading cartoons and watching drama series together...awww this is what I called a blissful night :))) Simple to make and it was one finger lickin' good baked fries. .......  herbs infused olive oil is the magic potion in this recipe !

I have fresh herbs growing in my little patch I called my unkept garden...hahaha I really have no time to keep the garden spick and spank. I have fresh herbs like dill, rosemary , thyme and oregano growing in  hanging pots...why hanging ? well my friends the garden snails will eat them up before I can enjoy them , thus I hang them up on my curry leave tree :p  so my fresh herbs are safe from the snails :)   

All I did was just pluck a few sprigs of oregano, dill and rosemary to make this herbs infused oil for baking these fries.  Ground some black pepper and mix them together...olive oil and the chopped herbs.   Marinate the sweet potatoes  ( cut into long strips )  with the herbs infused olive oil for 10 minutes . Lay them on aluminium foil and baked at 200ºC for 30-35 minutes.  Keep turning the sweet potato strips so that they are evenly browned.  Once they are evenly browned and the skin are crispy and the inside cooked, take them out of the oven and sprinkle cayenne pepper and table salt  over them and let them cool down before serving.  

chopped dill, oregano and rosemary
with ground black pepper and olive oil 
this can be prepared a day earlier
if you want a more fragrant herbs infused oil

sprinkle cayenne pepper and salt over the baked fries

herbs crispy on the outside and tender sweet on the inside
seriously this is to die for snack...great finger food
chomp chomp chomp........

A plate of finger lickin' good fries and some cartoons
....healthy snack and healthy reading..  LOL!
these baked fries are rich in fibre :)
yummmy ..mmmmmm...yummy

If you want a bowl of sweet potato soup hop over to my other dessert blog
for a bowl

Australia Sweet Potato Sweet Soup/Tong Sui

Have a great weekend !

* this friday...I am giving FFWD a skip coz I could not get the cantaulope for this Friday FFWD's recipe

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  1. It looks really good. Can I use dried herbs instead of the fresh ones? Can the skin be eaten as well? Sorry if it's a stupid question.

  2. What a great way to use your freah herbs. I love sweet potato fries. I have rosemary, chives, basil, and sage.

  3. I love that you mix your oils and fresh herbs instead of oil the potatoes and sprinkle with herbs...delish!

  4. mom2kiddos....yess I ate with the skin on. I scrubbed the skin with a it is safe to eat with the skin on...infact it gives the fries a crispy look.

    Lyndsey...yes..I am a herb woman :p I must try to plant some chives too :) is much fragrant when you infused them into the olive oil first before marinating the potatoes :)

  5. Wedges... fries or chips, I don't think I will like as much...unless they're chunky fries.

  6. Great!! Besides the tong sui and steaming (plain) sweet potatoes I usually made, now I know what to do with it...keke! Thanks so much for this recipe..:)

  7. I don't like sweet potato, but this is the only way I eat them - sweet potato wedges! :) It's also nice with a sprinkle of crushed chilli flakes when making the herby oil! :)

    Sometimes I use dried herbs when I haven't got fresh, and NEVER try it with peeled sweet potatoes. They contain too much sugar and they just stick. Not good.

  8. Love sweet potato! I just wish this recipe had come out 3 weeks earlier because I was sitting on a bunch of locally grown sweet potatoes, and hunting out for a good recipe for baked fries. Definitely going to come back to this when I buy my next batch!

  9. Arthur...yea some like chunky fries :) are welcome :)

    Lynne...yea...I like it with the skin on...not only they don't stick but they are crispy too :)

  10. I also liked the tip about letting the herbs infuse the oil before putting it on the potatoes.

  11. ILIAFP....yesss this is a good one...try it when you have sweet potatoes in your kitchen. You will love it!!! :) thanks for dropping by :)

    Kathy...yea...this is one way to prepare sweet potatoes :) yummy

    MyBlackPoodle...herbs infused olive oil can be used not only for this but you can baked fish/meat with it or use it as dressing for salad :)

  12. What a great sweet potato recipe! Love all of the herbs you've use here too =)

  13. this is a good one, so flavourful!

  14. I really have to get myself some sweet potatoes! Those must taste great!

  15. I love sweet potatoes! Baked and healthier!

  16. Sweet potato fries are my favorite. Fresh herbs do make everything better. I grow parsley, basil, a type of wide leaf oregano, rosemary, and spearmint. Thyme dies out on me, unfortunately. :-(

  17. Peggy...I can't live without fresh herbs :)) I need them in making bread, roasts and even fried rice I used them :)

    Lena...yea this is flavorful...yum yum

    Angie...yea do get some and make is addictive :)

    Aimei...yess it is healthier and lovely to eat them this way :)

    Adriana...yea it is so convenient to have them growing in the garden :) They make food more flavorful !

  18. YUM! I've made some good batches and some not so good batches. Next time I'm following your directions to a T! Thanks~

  19. Oooooh those fries are excellent!! LOVE the herb flavors... beautiful job!

  20. Lizzy...hope you will like this version with the herbs infused olive oil :)

    Kate...thanks :)

  21. Elin, I love your herbs infused version fries! Sounds really awesome.

  22. Kristy...thanks . it is lovely !

  23. This looks like a better and healthier alternative to the deep fried ones.

  24. James...hiii yea..this is a much healthier version :)


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