Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crispy And Crunchy Lotus Root Sandwiches

I was watching a cooking show last weekend and  the host was showing how to make this dish . I knew I had to make this for our dinner  :p   I love anything to do with lotus root... be in it my soup, as a vegan dish or as some crispy finger food , you name it and I am game for it.  Awww the moment I saw this on the show....I told WB I am going to make this for him soon..  LOL!  I can imagine how good these crispy lotus root sandwiches will be and my mind just won't let me rest..............................................until I have tried it out!

I went to sleep that night, still thinking how I am going to get it done in the shortest time possible.  Actually it doesn't entail much work and was quite simple It tasted  exactly how I anticipated it to be when I was watching the show.   Crispy on the outside due to the potato starch coating, after which comes a crunch from the lotus slices and the feel of moist and juicy filling on the taste organ mmmmm.....you tell me whether this is good anot ? Of course, It is delicious and you can't get to eat it from the restaurant ....soon it will hit the market.....LOL!  What more if you  apply some wasabi on the surface.....wow ! fantastically good..... Y U M M I L I O U S ! I know my Piggies will love these crispy lotus root sandwiches.....I am a bad Momsie again ....teasing them with these mouth-watering crispy crunchy goodness !

The lotus root that I used for this dish is the China specie ...its texture is suitable for making fritters and finger food like this.  Cut the lotus root slices to a thickness as thin as possible, shown in the picture .  The fillings can be of anything mince of your choice....the original recipe uses mince meat ( pork ) , light soy sauce, sesame oil and spring onions with a dash of ground white pepper . Stir it with a pair of chopsticks till it becomes a sticky . Leave it to rest for 15 minutes . When ready , sandwiched the filling with two lotus root slices.  * Never use salt in the meat - it will make the texture tough and not smooth 

For me , I like to add some fish paste to the mince meat , using the same seasoning...the fish paste will make the filling more tasty :)  Once all the lotus sandwiches are done, coat them with  potato starch ( the original called for corn flour ) but I prefer potato starch- reason being it remains crispy through out the dinner  :)

I would advise using potato starch for any fries....I am a fan of potato starch and I can't do without it. There is always a packet of it in my fridge :p   Dust off excess potato starch so that you get a thin coating .   Shallow fried them with grapeseed oil . Healthy and cholesterol free.  I have switched to grapeseed oil for normal frying  . This doesn't need deep frying. Just enough oil  to cover the lotus sandwiches.

First round frying requires medium low heat..to make sure the filling is cook through.  Do not worry about the oil in the pieces of lotus sandwiches. Take them out and drain off excess oil on paper towel.  Second frying -  Reheat the oil under medium high heat.  Once the oil is hot, put it the 1st load of fried lotus sandwiches in and fried them till they are more brown and crispy ( this has to be quick ) this is to make the lotus root sandwiches crispy and this action will at the same time squeeze out the excess oil making the lotus sandwiches crispier and lesser oil is absorbed in. This was what the host of the cooking show shared with her audience.  This dish is simple to prepare and eat them with either your favorite hot chilli sauce or wasabi.  For me , of course , it had to be wasabi...while WB  chose the peri peri sauce :) 

after the first round of frying, 
drain off the excess oil on paper towel 

it turned out more brown and more crispy after
the second frying and you can see that it is not oily now
 serve them  with some wasabi and chilli sauce.....
Yummy !

Okay...what is your verdict ?  Good ? 
It is finger licking good !!!!!

Crispy & Crunchy  Lotus Root Sandwiches

Ingredients :

 lotus root - China Specie - cut into pairs - thin slices
potato starch for coating


Mince meat ( pork or chicken )
fish paste * optional
spring onions - cut 
sesame oil
light soy sauce
white pepper

Have a nice day.....

*           *            *


  1. waaa...i am going to try this...looks very yoummy

  2. I just bought lotus root yesterday, but local type leh.
    I've seen some using glutinous rice to fill them too.

  3. Lotus root is my favorite and I have all the ingredients sitting in my fridge. Will sure try this out. Thanks for sharing Elin. :))

  4. This sounds sooo good! And I also like the fact that you don't use a lot of oil for frying them. Will definitely try this one out. Thanks, Elin!

  5. They say it's good for women...those with heavy flow.

  6. elin, this is very interesting, never seen anything like this before, thanks for the tips on double frying!

  7. I love lotus root too! Thanks for sharing this :)

  8. Lotus root is my fav too... and this recipe looks good..

  9. Eh...this is so special...and very new to me. I never see this kind of dish before. Okay, I'll try and let you know...can't wait!!

  10. What a great healthy idea!! I've never tried this before but definitely am now :) So glad to be your newest follower!

  11. I've never had lotus root and I'm absolutely drooling! That looks incredible! BRAVO!

  12. Kathy...oh you must try this out...you will love it :)

    Wendy...yea...actually you can have any fillings you like :)

    Belly Good Cooking...you are welcome :)

    Little Inbox....yea it is...use grapeseed oil to fry this...cholesterol free so no worry about it being unhealthy :)

    Ping...you will love this :)

    Arthur...hahaha you really surprised me...this is the first time hearing this :) thanks for the info :)

    Lena...you are welcome :)

    Safire....you are welcome :)

    Cath J...anymore cooking competition ??? hahaha you must try this out...you will love it :)

    Reese...I am sure you will love it :) of course you can't find it in any restaurant at the moment :p

    Claire...no more :p

    Kelly..welcome to my blog and I am your follower too :) love your blog too :)

    Ann...if you can find this lotus root from the asian grocer then you must really try this out...great finger food :)

  13. Thanks for the tip on not using salt on the meat. Does it apply to all kinds of meat? These look good but I think my 4yo boy will pry the pieces open and eat only the meat inside.


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