Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Roll With A Crunch

After making those delectable taro rolls two weeks ago, there is half a packet of the spring roll wrappers left in the fridge. Instead of wasting them, I decided to try making these mini spring rolls that give a little crunch . It serves as a light appetiser or finger food that will great before the main meal .  Wild Boar will devour these little rolls while waiting for me to cook the main dish :) So I will quickly wrap a few and deep fried them for him while I cook something elaborate for dinner and I am always the smart Momsie...keep him appease while I do the cooking and the photoshoot that takes almost half an hour before I serve dinner :p These rolls will keep his mouth sealed :p

This turnip fillings with shredded carrots, julienne cuttlefish , baby french beans , fried onion slices and firm tofu strips has to be cooked a day before. The reason being it will be more flavorful after a nite resting in the fridge and plus it saves times.  All I have to do is take it out from the fridge and wrap them into rolls  while the oil is heating in the wok. I used grapeseed oil to deeep fry them so as to make them healthy for consumption :)  It will be crunchy while it is still hot.  So it is advisable to serve them as soon as they are out of the wok. But after the photoshoot session was over , it will be just right for consumption :)  Served them with Thai chilli sauce and I had the Wild Boar oinking away.  I know my Piggies will be drooling over this when they come here for some virtual homecooked food and I always sms them this...." come home often then if you miss my cooking " LOL!  

I will let my photos tell the story..........

Spring Roll With A Crunch


1 small turnips - julienned
1 carrot - julienned
2 firm tofu - cut into strips
20 baby french beans - cut off the two ends
julienned cuttlefish - soak in water  drain off water -5 mins

5 shallots - sliced and fry them in grapeseed oil till crispy
3 pips of garlic
a dash of ground white pepper
1 tsp of chicken stock powder
sea salt to taste * optional

spring roll wrappers

1 .5 cups of grapeseed oil for deep frying


Heat  3 tbsp of grapeseed oil in a wok, saute the shallots slices till fragrant and crispy, dish up and leave aside.  Add in the chopped garlic and saute till fragrant , add in the julienned turnips, carrots and stir fry till soft and tender, add in the tofu and french beans and continue to stir fry under medium heat till soft cooked. Add in the chicken seasoning and add in salt to taste . Add in the fried onion slices and continue to stir fry till well combine. Off the heat and dish up. Let it cool down for 30 minutes and store them in air tight container and leave it in the fridge until ready for use.  It is best to cook this dish the day before for better taste and flavor.

Enjoy !

Have a great day :)


  1. My leftover skin all turned hard as I forgot to keep them airtight when I froze them again.
    KL's not far... just 2 hours ride on the train :)

  2. Also got leftover skin in freezer. Maybe I can do something this weekend...

  3. Good idea to use up the balance of spring roll wrappers.

  4. You've got it totally under control: keeping the punters happy while you take photos :-) Lol. What gorgeous photos - crispy outer shell and all the lovely colours inside. Rolls done to perfection! Lucky family.

  5. These look wonderful. Your photos of the rolls are really spectacular. I envy the lucky crew who got to eat these wonders. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. I love that these have turnip! How COOL!

  7. That's very clever and creative! They look very crunchy and tasty.

  8. I love crunchy spring rolls. Yours looks so fresh and delcious :)

  9. Coo! I'll just eat them and skip dinner! Yum! You'll make ME go to yours for your cooking!!!! :0p

  10. Wendy...Oh, I didn't freeze them, I kept them in the chiller, so I took them out and after 5 mins in room temp I can use them oredi :)

    Arthur....yea the Mrs. is sure lucky :p

    Cheah....yea...why waste coz a pkt can use a few times :)

    Kathy....something like that but this is more simple to make :) Popiah more fillings and complicated :)

    Jill Colona.....haha my poor Canon Powershot A570 suffered the messy hands though :p Thanks for your sweet words...they are an encouragement to me :)

    Mary...thanks so much for your kind Jill you both are an encouragement to my food photography hobby . You too have a great weekend :)

    Tiffany...yea the turnip filling is great for spring rolls :)

    Angie....thanks :) Lots to learn from you :p

    Tes...thanks :) them crunchy on the outside and yet moist on the inside :)

    Lynne...please come back for more :p Please kiss Minh for me...he is so adorable and handsome by the day :)

  11. elin's version of fried popiah..yummy yummy!

  12. Lena......yea something like that but with simpler filling. Crunchy and yummy! ;)

  13. Hor, eat fried fried fried food !! When the kids are out, the parents misbehave ! :P Looks yummy though, and I'm jealousss. Where's my share ?

  14. Joanna darling.....virtual eating for you and Josh will be healthier drop by and drool ..good exercise for the salivary glands :p Miss you so much :) Can't wait for you to be back in April...will make the Taro rolls for you !!! Kept them in the fridge for you and Josh :))


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