Monday, March 14, 2011

Chinese Herbal Wine Clam Soup

Saw these sea clams at the wet market last Sunday and bought home some , thinking of stir frying them with hot and spicy style ( Wild Boar's favourite )  but unfortunately, I have none of the ingredients at home for fermented beans and chilli paste were out of stock..rummaged the fridge and could not find what I wanted except some chinese herbs. So this  dare to be adventurous  creative Momsie shrugged her shoulders and say " why not cook them in herbal wine soup ??? "  the Wild Boar can oinks all he wants  , who cares  ! :p  Just eat what is served at the table LOL! And surpringsly he slurped all the soup down for it was flavorful with the aromatic wine and the herbs plus the sweetness from the clams  :))  Simple to prepare and it tastes good too !

Seriously this is good, the clams were fresh and thus the wine infused soup turned out sweet and plus the fragrant of the chinese word Heavenly !  I will definitely cook this again :)

Chinese Herbal Wine Clam Soup

Ingredients :

600gm fresh sea clams

1/2 tbsp of wolfberries
8 pieces red dates
8 pieces' yoke chok ' / soloman's seal herb
1/2 cup chinese cooking wine
4 1/2 cups water
a pinch of sea salt to taste


Boil 4 cups of water in a claypot together with the wolfberries, red dates and  'yoke chok' , once it boils, simmer for  3/4 hour under medium low heat . When the soup base is ready , add in the fresh clams and cook for 6 -8 minutes till the clams shells are all open. Add in salt to taste and pour in the chinese wine. Let is simmer for 1 minute. Off the heat and serve  hot. 

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  1. I remember my mum cooked this very often for lunch in summer time. The soup tasted especially fresh and appetizing. Unfortunately it's not easy to get some clams here.

  2. Delicious!! I love shellfish, I love using wine to cook them too but have yet to try with herbal..great job!

  3. i love this. Like to order this in the restaurant. The one at the Coconut Glove in Klang was tasty leh... a lot of wine

    i tried to make once but not sedap. Hubi complain :(

  4. mmm.. the soup must be very tasty, now i know need to make the stock first..madam, i just posted your kailan with braised taro, have a look!

  5. Elin, this clam soups looks delish ! Great blog !


  6. Angie....over here sometimes it is hard to get the flower sea clams is seasonal too !

    Jen....chinese wine is great for cooking this soup..mmm thinking of it makes me want to cook this again :)

    Kathy...oh they serve this in restaurant too , I seldom see this soup dish in restaurant over here in Ipoh :p

    Sonia....yes it is :)

    Lena...thanks for cooking the braised taro with kai lan and linking me :)

    Samantha...thanks for dropping by :)

  7. I bought a kilo of cockers a few days back which is very cheap, about $4.50/kg. Make stir fried spicy bean paste. And I also love your version too. The wine is very very tasty. I think cockers is better than lala. Less sandy!


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