Monday, March 21, 2011

Lollo Rosso Apple Salad

Salad is yummy and healthy to indulge can have all fruits or all veggies or a mix and serve as a side  or you can add in some roast chicken meat in your salad and have it as a light lunch or dinner. It is healthy and it is nourishing too.  Eating a well toss salad is the most rewarding part of a meal :)  I made this Lollo Rosso Apple Salad  for my breakfast and gave some to Claire :)  Isn't she the blessed one ?  I gave her a loaf of my homemade Apricot & Raisins Bread too to eat with this salad and she loved them she said :p

I diced some green apples, tomatoes , and shred some red and green lollo rosso . Quartered the hard boiled eggs , make a japanese mayo with tomato ketchup dressing , garnished with toasted hazelnuts bits and sesame seed. Mmmmmm a  flavorful and delicious apple and veggie salad  to start the day !  I hope Claire enjoyed the salad as much as I DID !  I shall be making this again for my breakfast and this time without the eggs in it. I will add in more nuts and more fruits for more crunch :)

Can you see the loaf of bread in the background....yess that was the apricot and raisin bread I made and I gave a loaf to Claire ..... I am blessed to have her as my free taster   :)

Lollo Rosso Apple Salad

Salad Ingredients:
2 green apples - diced
2 tomatoes - peel off skin and diced
 leaves of lollo rosso * amount according to own preference - shred
2 hard boiled eggs -quartered

2 tbsp of toasted sesame seed - crushed
4 tbsp of toasted hazelnut bits

salad dressing
3 tbsp of japanese mayo
2 tbsp of tomato ketchup
1 tbsp of chilli sauce
a pinch of salt


Toss the salad ingredients well with the salad dressing in a salad bowl and garnishes with sesame seed and hazelnut bits. Serve chilled .

Enjoy !

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  1. gosh..ain't i blessed.. after reading this, many will wish that they work in the same office with you, dear.. lol...
    so what's for tomorrow?? *not shameful one*

  2. Bacon and cheese buns ! * shhhhh

  3. i;m going to put in my application for a job in your office..ha! elin, what is lollo rosso? i havent heard of this..where doyou get this?

  4. At first I didn't know what was lollo rosso, and now I guess it's the curly lettuce??

  5. Wendy... yup curly can get them from Jusco .It's fringed and crinkled leaves are tinged deep red at their ends and will make a great colour addition to any salad :)

  6. Beautiful salad! I love mixing it up, too... I have a salad for lunch just about every day - I include some veg, some fruit, cheese, and I'm good to go. :)

  7. This looks delish, but I have to say I don't know what lollo rosso is. I'll be off on a google search now.


  8. Kate....thanks :) yup with some cheese, it is even more delicious :) Shall try that the next time.

    Kristi...:) yup have to google to learn names for different specie of lettuce :)

  9. OOOOH !! I should start making this !! Healthy and wholesome. Hehe Haw haw

  10. JO...yesss definitely you must make for yourself. Easy and healthy food. You want Japanese mayo? I will bring up for you this Saturday :)

  11. are they the ones that they put as red and green corals?


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