Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights @ The Gardens

I am a fan of this Korean food outlet at The Gardens (runs by a korean couple) I never fail to eat there each time I am there :) and I am looking forward to eating there again with Jo, she loves korean food just like me.  Korean country delights no doubt...they serve simple and authentic korean dishes ...though they do not have much choices , I still like the food served there. They give good service too and the prices are affordable.

These are the food we ordered the last time I was there with WB and Jo.  WB is not much of a fan so he just accompany Jo and myself . He rather watch us eat  , so I told him to help himself to the Pajeon that we ordered for ourselves (Jo and me ). He took took half the Pajeon and left half for Jo and myself :p  after that he adjourned to Popeye for some fried chicken :)  He is a carnivore alright ! Below are some of the photos I took , hoping to recreate some Korean country delights at home LOL!   Can ?  I want to make some kimchi for Jo when I next see her. She is fan of Kimchi.   Yea..I think it is time to make some that next week when I visit her , I can bring up a jar for her. She can have Kimchi Fried Rice then.......good idea !

this is their  famos korean rice dish
 Bibimbap comes with seaweed soup
and condiments of anchovies, braised potatoes
and kimchi

 side condiments of korean anchovies, braised potatoes and kimchi

Kimchi Chigae - Kimchi Seafood Soup

Pajeon - Korean pancake
crispy and full of chives and squids
mmmm yummy !

I can't wait to make my own Kimchi :)

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