Monday, March 7, 2011

Bittergourd/Bitter Melon Omelette With 3 Types Of Egg

After church service last week, we went out to have lunch at Kok Thai Restaurant and this was one of the dishes we ordered. There were 11 of us . Every once a month , we will stay back for fellowship and some of us will have lunch together and this is one of the occasion whereby we fellowship at the restaurant over lunch and we love having lunch a big family. After having eaten this simple yet delicious bittergourd dish , I could not sleep that night thinking how to recreate this dish for our dinner :p  Trying to figure out the cooking method in the mind and finally managed to get some sleep after some figuring out :p

Using three types of egg and one medium size bittergourd and garlic and a dash of white and I have a dish that tasted exactly like the one served at the restaurant.  Wild Boar was impressed coz he said this " this is exactly  a carbon copy of those we ate at Kok Thai  "  LOL! I am  happy that he said that coz I will be cooking this very often then :p  The rest of the photos are for drooling :)

And the last one .......mmmmmm, I garnished the bittergourd omeletter with the scrapped out crispy egg from the bottom of my non stick pan ...creating a beautiful and aromatic bittergourd omelette :)  Waste not as the saying goes :p

Bittergourd Omelette With 3 Kinds Of Eggs


1 medium sized bittergourd/bitter melon  - cut into thin slices

Whisk together :-
1 salted egg- steamed and cut into bit size
1 century egg - cut into bit size
2 eggs - whisked
a dash of white pepper

salt to taste

4 pips of garlic - chopped fine
2 tbsp of grapeseed oil


Heat up non-stick pan with 2 tbsp of grapeseed oil. Saute the garlic till fragrant , add in the bittergourd slices and stir fry till half cooked, pour in the egg mixture over the cooked bittergourd and let the egg mixture be cooked for another 2 minutes , then break up the omelette and stir fry the bittergourd omelette for another 2 minutes and dish up. You can add in more eggs if you like.  Serve with steaming hot rice .

Enjoy !

Have a nice day !

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  1. yup yup very tasty. made b4 but didnt thought of adding Pei Tan. Will try that next time

  2. I love bittergourd, there is one famous restaurant in Puchong serving only all kinds of bittergourd dishes and it is very yummy.
    I must try your bittergourd recipe this weekend as it really looks good.

  3. i would love to try that one day.. wait till more people come and eat first... hahaha...

  4. I've bitter gourd too - day after tomorrow's post. Btw, I'm not talking to you anymore - so jealous of Claire getting those yummy muffins!! Tsk! Tsk!

  5. This is a humble and yet tasty comfort food, I bet, though, I haven't thought of using three types of eggs for that.

    I saw your bread! Impressive! I love shattery, crusty bread!

  6. sounds really delicious and taste must be heavenly since you've been thinking of it all night i can also cook this now, no need go to kok thai.. with elin's no copyright' version, right?

  7. I've only seen steamed eggs with those eggs but not stir fried!
    Too bad I don't consume bittergourd, if not I'll try this out since it's so special.

  8. Another way to cook bitter gourd! Bookmarking this!

  9. Kathy....haha I imitate the restaurant..they put 3 types of eggs so I foolow suit lo :) Tasty mmmm I want to cook this again....hahaha

    Sem...I am not familiar with Puchong area but would like to know the name of the restaurant. Can you give me the name so that I can go there and try out their dishes if I passes by Puchong one day ? must try this out..easy task :)

    Arthur...where is your bitter gourd post?? Don't cry, I would bake for you if you are around in Ipoh :)

    Sonia...yummy no must try this dish out :)

    Pei Lin...yup simple and yet tasty :) thanks for your words of encouragement..will be baking more from the book

  10. Lena...haha mine is the recreated one but it tasted almost the same :p

    Wendy...ohhh you must try eating is a bit kam kam ( hokkien ) so wonderful the taste and good for the blood in our body :)

    Ann...hope you like it as much as I do :) this is a restaurant what Pei Lin says " humble and simple dish " :)

  11. What a tasty looking dish, and 3 kinds of eggs? That sound delish and creative.

  12. delicious! i love bitter melon! omelettes rock too.


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