Friday, September 3, 2010

English Roast Chicken Leg

Being the ' Chef ' in the Piggies' Residence is not an easy job after all. I have to think of great menus and yet have to make sure it is a balance diet for all members :p Well. you may think w t h  :p  how hard is it for just the two of us ! Haha , I am can be fussy and choosy at times ( the menopausing era )  not to say the ' wild boar Lordship ' is another one factor...not that he is choosy, but he likes western food more than chinese food so I have to think ' western ' when preparing food for ourselves...weird right ?  Give him any roasts and he will be happy.  Yesterday dinner was this english roast that he likes. Simple to prepare and yet yummilicious !  Huh...if he is not happy with this, I will roast him instead ! that was what I told him last night LOL!

This is a simple and most delicious roast.  My MIL used to make this roasts when I first married into the family. This is what Daddy likes most...just rub the chicken legs with salt,  thick soy sauce and white pepper. Leave it to marinate for at least 2 hours, for best result , pack them in ziploc overnight . Roast them at 200ºC  .  Half way through roasting, brush honey all over the chicken legs. Lower the oven temperature to 180 ºC. When it is golden brown , you can brush butter over the surface of the legs. This english roast is a classic. For lazy me, I add in all the baby carrots, chicken ham and tomato when the legs were half cooked. Drizzle olive oil and  sprinkle mixed herbs on the carrots, and tomatoes.  Fast and easy steps to this classic english roast and most important it tasted so good that I have forgotten about my expanded waistline. Who cares first and worry!  I am not a health freak after all where this is concern ! Moderation is my motto for now. 

I love baby me a lot of work ...just
dump them into the oven and bingo ! yummilicious and
full of flavor and lots of vit A :p

when the legs are half cooked, dump in the carrots, ham
and tomatoes and sprinkle lots of mixed herbs over them

I love these slices of cooked ham ...taste good

wow...look how luscious and nicely roasted  the legs are ...mmmmm
not only you , I am salivating as I am typing this out for you :p

and these lovely , juicy tomatoes with mixed herbs on them....
awww truly a piece of juiciness ! :)

rice is a must for Daddy so I cooked some for him :)
but have reduced the portion to a small cup :p

After all this sinfully rich indulgence, sipping a hot cup of green tea made me feel good.....who am I trying to kid anyway :p  Btw those black looking fruit are dates from the Arab country.  A must have for fasting months. I love them  and I have use some of these dates for my muffin cakes....this meal ends with a banana dates muffin each . Do drop by at my other blog to drool at those delectable Banana Dates Muffins  :)))

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  1. Elin, this is such a mouth-watering meal that I won't mind to have it frequent. Yummy!

  2. This recipe would so please my husband. He adores chicken legs!

  3. The chicken leg is so nicely roasted, very juicy!

  4. so yummy! maybe you can try wrapping the chicken leg with the chicken ham so the juices are retained

  5. yummilicious Elin! im trying this too for my boys who eat so much and love roasts.

  6. yeah, this looks so salivating, i'm sure mr daddy finished up the plate squeaky clean and no complaints, if not..yeah, roast him!ha!

  7. This is so finger licking good. Great job to make us drooling. Haha...

  8. I have been wondering what these black stuff are....until I read until the very end...they are dates! The meal sounds well-balanced and delicious as well.

  9. Wow, got my share or not? It's dinner time. Haven't taken anything yet. I'm drooling over here! Yumm.... Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Cheers, Kristy

  10. Oh my. That chicken leg looks so succulent. I love the addition of the ham to the veggies! A great meal.

  11. The roast chicken leg looks good! Wish you can cook that for our dinner tonight! ha ha!
    thyme is lovely with chicken adds a wonderful flavour!
    I have a quick one dish roast, prepare some veggies ( potato, onion, butternut squash, carrots, parsnip - whatever you have) chop into cubes, season and sprinkle with herbs and drizzle with oil.

  12. No reason to complain about this dish! Looks so yummy! Lucky 'wild boar'!

  13. Jess....cannot have this often though I would love to :)

    Mother Rimmy...hope your husband love the way of preparation :)

    Grace...haha yup juicy and tasty :)

    Jason....:) thanks for dropping by :)

    Arthur...he is :)

    grub...will try that the next time :) thanks for dropping by :)

    Zurin...hopefully your boys will like the preparation :) this would be perfect for buka puasa :)

    lena....haha yup roast him then I get roast pork :p

    Little Inbox...hahah am glad that I managed to make you drool here :) maybe salivates too :p

    Angie...haha yup should be a well balanced one :)

    Kristy...thanks I am enjoying my weekends :)

    Belinda...yup a good meal no doubt :)

    Plum Leaf....yup all the veggies added makes it a complete meal. Will try to have squash the next roast :)

    Cheah....hahah ain't he lucky or else can roast the wild boar, then can have roast pork for dinner next :p

  14. Love the English roast!

  15. For me, the wild boar is the choosy one! I just don't like cooking veg =P

  16. yummy... I love all in one dish too like roast chicken :-)

    Easy and delish!


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