Friday, May 21, 2010

Stir Fry Enokitake With Chicken Breast Fillets And Carrots

A very simple stir fry dish lately for I am too busy to think of more elaborate dishes :) I have been on  a week's leave just to spend more time with my Jo and I am desperately grasping for more time with her ...I guess every mom will feel the same in my position. We do things together ....she is my teacher in many things and I am her best friend in many you can imagine I have to tear myself away from her soon and it is going to break my heart...I wish time will stand still for now..... sorry, I am lamenting again :p Nay, with skype what is the problem...none!  just that the time when I am sleeping she is awake and when I am awake she is sleeping or in looks like I have to stay awake just to chat with her in the days to come.....

Back to this dish...enokitake in japanese  or paengi beoseot (팽이버섯) in Korean can be cooked in many different style...soup, tom yam, simple stir fry and as stuffing which I am going to share in my next post. But for the time being , it is this simple stir fry enokitake with chicken breast fillet and lots of carrots...a healthy simple dish that I enjoy !
Cooking wine plays an important part in this dish for enokitake is basically quite bland in taste. I love to add cooking wine in my stir fries ...silly but it does add flavor and taste to my dish :)  Enokitake  is rich in antioxidants and protein which helps to regulate the immune system. Its crunchy texture makes it a favorite among shrooms lovers. Enokitake is easy to cultivate and has been cultivated in Japan for over 300 years. Initially on woods but now in bottles.

a simple and delicious stir fry enokitake

 all in one nutritious stir fry dish....

the cooking wine makes it more tasty and flavorful....

Stir-Fry Enokitake With Chicken Breast Fillets & Carrots
(serves 2)


1 bunch of enokitake - wash and drain dry
1 carrot- cut into strips
1/2 chicken breast - fillet it and marinate with 1 tsp soy sauce and 1/2 tsp of corn flour
3 pips of garlic - chopped
1.5 tbsp of chinese cooking wine
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
a dash of pepper
1.5 tbsp of olive oil

1 tsp of corn flour
3 tbsp of water


Saute garlic with olive oil till fragrant. Add in the marinated chicken fillets and stir fry till cooked. Add in the carrots and enoki and stir fry till cooked. Add in the wine and thickening. Dish up and serve hot with rice.

Enjoy and have a pleasant day :)

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  1. Don't cry for me, Elinluv...
    As u said, she is just some clicks away from the computer..
    Time will fly.. maybe we can fly there one day.. never know.. (make more money fast fast!)

    As for the dish, one will be good enough for me...

  2. thanks for the recipe. I love enokitake mushroom but only know to put into soup. Didnt know to cook like this

  3. This dish looks so tender and moist! I think enokitake are so adorable....

  4. I like to use enokitake to make the soup or for the hotpot! This stir-fry looks very delicious!

  5. Yeah, as Claire said so! You guys can just fly over there one day. No worries! You're on one week leave! Hope you enjoy every bit of it. Have lots of fun with your girl.
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. Mmmm I love enoki mushrooms. I wish they were easier to find where I live now. I used to be able to get them so easily before I moved.

    This meal looks so good. Such nice photos too.

  7. I love stir-fries like this, so delcious, healthy, and easy! I like to use rice wine too.

  8. When I cook, I use either real wine or soju. I don't trust "cooking wine".

    I do love mushrooms, though. I love enoki mushrooms in my Korean soups.

  9. mmmh...You always make the mot wonderful dishes! :)

  10. Love, love this. It looks really good.I am getting into cooking stir fry lately. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

    Enjoy your time with your girl. I know how it is.

  11. Love the enoki mushrooms here, they just soak up all that thick gravy, so good with rice!

  12. enokitake is one of my favorite mushrooms! Love the texture and chewiness. Great choice for the mushroom!

  13. Like this stir-fry dish, looks so yummy. Dont' worry, the pound is going down, accumulate and then can take your year end leave to fly over to see her! Have to learn to let go, Elin!

  14. Claire...ya let's do it together and fly over the London Bridge together :p are welcome :) Try it stir fry , you will love it.

    Belinda...yup :)

    Angie....yes it is delicious when you stir fry it :)

    Kristy....yup I am spending more time with her and enjoyed every precious time together :)

    Heather....hope you can find them at the mart :)

    Biren...yup it is mostly used in chinese cooking :)

    Tamar....I make sure it is a well recommended brand before using the cooking wine :)


    Miranda...hey so nice to see you are u keeping now when the third one on the way :) So happy for you :)

    Cook With Madin...I love to stir fry when I am too lazy to cook something elaborate :)


    Tanantha....yup enokitake is a good choice...crunchy and chewy and taste good too :)

    Cheah...haha I managed to buy at 4.7 the other day. But I did buy some at 5.4 highest :( Yup, times flies and in no time she will be back. I have learned to let go . Can chat on skype ma so not so bad :) Going over there ? can only think of it when my boy is out of university :))

  15. Love mushrooms of all kinds! :) Never tried enokitake though.. I need to try this out!

  16. I love enoki mushrooms. They're so great! But on their own, yes they are bland. This stir fry looks excellent ;)
    Spend as much time with Jo as you can. But she's just a skype away! I know, it's not the same....

  17. you reminded me with my situation here with my mom :( I miss her, anyway, I've never tried enokitake before, is there anything that it tastes like?


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