Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sakae Sushi @ KLCC Suria & ' Our Amazing Race ' Experience

I was in KL yesterday with my Jo , once again on a day trip to the British visa agency in Wisma MCA for her student visa....sigh...lots of paper work and documents for submission and we had so much problem and I tell you , we were like people in Amazing Race ...rushing from KL sentral to Ampang Jaya then back to Public Bank Head Quarters and rushing back to Wisma MCA and then back again to KLCC coz the bank in Ipoh gave us the wrong statement and we did not check the letter before we left Ipoh and lucky Daddy managed to call up the PBB head quarters  and ask them to re- issue the bank statement and we were rushing for time for they close at 3pm.... and for once Jo and myself experience what it was like to be in Amazing Race.  Fun and anxiety is not good for my heart at all !

By the time we finished and finally be able to breathe normally , it was past 3.45 pm . And we realised that we had not eaten anything the whole day except the a small packet of coconut rice/ nasi lemak for breakfast in the train . Our stomach were growling and when hunger pang set in , our minds played havoc...we just want to have a good late lunch (4pm) before we catch the 6pm train back to Ipoh. We look at each other and we were like two hungry pigs headed straight to ' Sakae Sushi ' for our lunch. And have a look at what we ate...LOL! Gluttony sets in when in hunger. We ordered a bento set - Irori Gozen that comes with beef sukiyaki, potato salad, grilled mackeral fish, assorted sashimi ( salmon, tuna and octopus ) and japanese steamed rice. And have Unatama Don - a river eel with egg rice and we also ordered a side dish of Soft Shell Crabs.....this was a real treat for the two hungry Piggies :)))

soup for the beef sukiyaki  with enoki, carrot, chinese cabbage
leeks , shitake and tofu

love this beef sukiyaki...tender and fresh

this sashimi comes with radish curls...crunchy and sweet...

grilled mackeral .... yummyumm

a tasty and flavorful mashed potato salad...another yumm....

japanese steamed rice with seaweed garnishing

this is the prized soft shell crab...crunchy and sweet...thumbs up
if not for the calories count, I would want the whole plate for myself...:p

this is finger licking good....I want this again :))

this is not DESSERT !!!
this is my Piggy Jo ...I am going to mizz her very soon
so I have to spend as much time as I can with her...
if possible I want her forever by my side...but
I cannot be greedy...she has to have her own life...
 to pursue her dreams.............................
I have to let her go.....I love my baby Jo :)))

*        *        *


  1. Kesian the two of you. Hope everything managed to kau tim on time.

  2. JO JO.. remember these words from your mum! :p
    elin, for that price, this is certainly very worth it.. next time take me there! hahaha..

  3. Yum, what a fabulous looking feast. I am envious!

  4. How I hate going to Wisma MCA! Such a pain. When we first came to the UK, we didn't need any visa. We just turned up at the immigration, showed them our school acceptance letter and they'd just stamp on our passports.

  5. I rushed all the time! Sometimes can't even breath properly. Well, for you...maybe just for a few more trips before she's leaving to UK. Enjoy & have a great time!
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. oh my what great eats..great post


  7. All mummies in the world adore their babies but Jo, you are one lucky girl to have a cool mum that blogs and cooks so well!

  8. Fun is fine. But anxiety....that kills one would probably worry more after she arrived in UK.
    GOod at least you both love the food!

  9. Kathy...yup, we managed to get the right letter for the visa and managed to get back there in time :) after that we had the best meal for the day :p

    Claire...sure, we go there one day and paint KLCC red :))

    Roxan...:)) the best meal for the day for us :) were lucky , now they have lots of procedure to adhere to and we have to go back to Wisma MCA to collect her passport :(

    Kristy...yup, we still have to go back there to collect the passport and the air ticket :) You too have a great weekend :)) How's the little finger ? Mending ?

    Sweetlife....thanks :) head is swelling :p are right...can only pray for God's protection :)

  10. Super Jealous... so good...I made hot pot for my bf last week looks similar :p


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