Monday, May 24, 2010

Golden Enokitake Chicken Roll

I still have a packet of enokitake left in the fridge after the stir-fry and I thought it would be a great idea to use them in chicken rolls. This is a very tasty and flavorful chicken roll with a brush of american mild mustard sauce for extra flavor. Rolled together with enokitake , carrots and bacon chips....and coated with panko and oven baked...truly a satisfying chicken feast :)) Dipped it with wasabi...and I am on cloud nine for a moment ! I am a die hard fan of wasabi and I really can't live without wasabi :p  Can be served as finger food or a main dish with rice.
Great as a finger food...and the first bite was simply yummy with the wasabi  pungent was a great accompaniment for the chicken rolls. It looks like it involves a lot of work but actually it is very easy and oven baked is a much more healthier version of cooking.

ooooo...this is so delicious with the crunchy exterior and flavorful moist
bacon and crunchy enokitake and carrots strips with the after taste of
american mild mustard sauce...yummyummm

see how simple and easy it is...just get everything on the table
and you are ready to have this great finger food in no time :)

getting ready to be put into the oven for baking
but before that drizzle olive oil all over the crumbed rolls

a plate of delicious finger food to satiate your hunger pang

a real teaser....

dipped with wasabi......mmmmmm yumm yumm

Golden Enokitake Chicken Roll


8 pieces of chicken breast - splay into flat pieces
some bacon chips 
1 carrots - cut into strips
a bunch of enokitake- washed and drain dry
cheyenne pepper 
american mild mustard sauce

potato flour
1 egg - beaten
1 cup of panko crumbs
olive oil

wasabi as a dipping


Take a piece of the splayed chicken breast...flatten it on a board, sprinkle some cheyenne paper and salt over the surface, place some carrot strips, enokitake, and bacon chips on the surface. Add some mustard sauce on the bacon chips and roll the chicken piece into a tight roll. Coat the roll with potato flour, then dip into the beaten egg and coat it with panko crumbs. Place the rolled chicken fillet on parchment lined tray. Drizzle olive oil over the roll. Repeat the process till all the chicken fillets are used up. Bake for 30 minutes till the rolls are golden and cooked. 

Enjoy and have a nice day !

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  1. Wow they look so yummy!!! Great to pair with beer, haha!

  2. Golden crisp and yummy! Sounds terrific with wasabi.

  3. Its like chicken cordon bleu but instead of cheese, its with mushrooms.. nice

  4. Lucky I ate something before i blog walk delicious looking la

  5. Great combo! and I like the touch of wasabi!

  6. Bonjour Elin, this sounds good even for breakfast. I can eat a few with some 'gan lao mien'! hehe... Have a nice day with you piggy girl!
    Cheers, Kristy

  7. Deep fried goodness!! Elin, you never failed to tempt me with yummy creations!

  8. Look so yumm, I can't try now, having sorethroat, will try when I recovered.

  9. Walao! Elin, this is such a good idea! I should try something similar one of the weekends. You're one creative mom!

    Been admiring your ability to sneak in time to cook and bake up a storm despite your position as a working mom! Kudos to you!

  10. Wow! That's like a little surprise package.

  11. What a great idea! Looks delicious.

  12. Elin this looks awesome, I have never seen a chicken roll stuffed with enokitake mushrooms!!! I love enoki mushrooms so I can only imagine how delicious this must be :) deericious!

  13. These look very tasty! I bet the flavors are great together.

  14. How creative! I love enoki mushrooms. This looks so delicious. :)

  15. great recipe, they look terrific, lovely crust..


  16. They look so yummy and tempting!

  17. Kenny...great idea to take it with a glass of beer...heavenly :p

    Angie...yup, great with wasabi :)

    Swee San...yup this is better than cordon bleu...more savoury and tasty :) made me feel quilty :p

    Ann (pigpigscorner)....yup great combo...i love wasabi infact I eat everything with wasabi :p

    Kristy...this can be a great accompaniment with your ' gan lao mien'...thanks I will...having her all to myself before she flies off :)

    Ellie....thanks for dropping by :)

    Sonia... take care ya...and great well soon so that you can try this out :)

    Food lover...thanks for dropping by :)

    Pei-Lin...haha the love for food makes it possible to slot in time for cooking something different than the mundane dishes for the family :)) take care and take time to relax and indulge in your hobby :)

    Belinda...yup a surprise parcel for the dinner guests :) and let the wasabi do the talking :p's married life :) thanks for dropping by .

    Heather...heehee yup it is a great idea to stuff them in the chicken :)

  18. is so delicious that I want to make this again :)

    Bunkycooks...this is one great combo and I am sure you too will find it delicious :) is healthy and delicious :)

    Sweet looks great and tasty...I like it with wasabi...mmmm one word heavenly :)

    Cheah...mmmm if you like oven baked chicken then it is very nice...healthy and delicious :)

  19. Very creative and delicious! Baking it instead of frying is a great idea.

  20. man, that does sound good - love the heat with the cruch - yep, cloud nine for sure...

  21. Aiyo! I'm late already ;( Looks so yummy and Elin,next time before you cook this, please call me...OK?

  22. Biren...baking it is much healthier :)

    Drick...yup you got it...heat plus the crunch and I am in cloud nine :) are not late...have a piece with the wasabi...mmmm nice right.. virtual eating is so much healthier come to think of it lol!

  23. This is amazing! I've never seen anything like this! It is gorgeous and looks super delicious! Will most definitely have to try this as my family are chicken lovers and I'm sure they will go crazy for this dish!

  24. Hi Patty..hope you and your family will love it :)

  25. This looks amazeballs! What a great way to use up the left over enoki. And loving the panko ;)


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