Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Fun Nite Out With Claire @ Olivenz Cafe, Medan Ipoh

Last night , Claire, Jo and myself had a wonderful time dining at Olivenz Cafe in Medan Ipoh and just us ladies coz Daddy couldn't make it  :) So, it turned out to be a ladies' nite out for us three. We chose Beacon Point but unfortunately for us, it was their rest day, so we went to Olivenz instead. It was a quiet nite and we had a nice time chatting and laughing the whole night long. No one can be sad with Claire around. She makes us laugh with her funny experiences in life and her blogging and we had a wonderful time together as Jo would like to have some time with Claire before she goes off next Friday.  

*Thanks Claire for your wonderful presence there last night. The food tasted better with you there :) Let's do this more often :)
The food served there is actually not bad when it comes to taste. I love their red wine sauces that goes with their grilled chicken, salmon and lamb. The mashed potatoes with lots of gravy was a wee bit saltish for me but their mashed potatoes texture is something to boast about....fine and smooth texture. Their portion of meat has shrink lately. Those days it was a much bigger portion...all thanks to the economy downturn! Claire ordered BBQ Salmon with red wine sauce, Jo ordered grilled lamb in red wine sauce and yours truly ordered Grilled chicken with red wine sauce. We think alike for we are feathers that flock together :p red wine all the way. We ordered another side dish ...deep fried soft shell crabs and we were disappointed for the crabs turned out to be small in pieces and the price was expensive..

this is Claire's BBQ Salmon...can you see the red wine sauce
in the small white bowl ? That was great and I want to learn
how to make that sauce so that I have an excuse to buy
myself a bottle of red wine :p

a closer look at her Salmon chunks... RM17.80 for 2 sticks of 
salmon chunks...but it was delicious alright so worth the price

this is the side dish we ordered ...deep fried soft shell crabs
RM 12.00 for 6 small pieces...expensive!

taste wise it was okay... I can finish the whole plate in few seconds...

this is Jo's Grilled Lamb in red wine sauce...tender and juicy
this is quite a big portion , there are 3 big pieces
RM15.90 if I am not mistaken

this is Momsie 's Grilled Chicken in red wine sauce...this
is indeed delicious..the meat ws tender and juicy but a small piece
of upper thigh...on the whole the meat portion has really shrink!

this is their iced honey lemon juice @ RM5.90 per glass
to quench our thirst after such a delicious meal

* We are looking forward to another night out like this.........:))
Beacon Point this time ..Claire?

Claire is busy entertaining her Canadian friends the next few days,so
I guess she is not available till next week 

^ ____  ^

*      *      *



    AND JOANNA.. HAVE A PRAYERFUL JOURNEY AND WONDERFUL TIME!! (don study so hard..LOL...we see u soon! either here or there)

  2. You guys were having lots of fun & food huh! Bon vayoge, Joanna! Have a safe journey and be good. Don't worry, Elin! She'll be fine. Hope you all have a wonderful day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  3. what a wonderful time you guys had. :D

  4. Those were delicious looking food. Will check it out. Have a pleasant and safe flight and all the very best in all your future undertakings, Joanna!

  5. Wah, the prices are reasonable. I wanna go try someday :)

  6. Can this novice join for the next outing? :)

    I don't mind eating with the ladies, as long as the conversation and the food's worthy.

  7. Sounds like an amazing night out. Great spread of food. Beautiful photos.


  8. are welcome :) and Jo says thank you :)

    Kristy...haha yup we had so much fun together. yup she will be fine nd thanks for your wishes :) Jo says thanks :)

    Kathy...yes, you know Claire..happy lady! bad if you like grilled stuff :) Jo says thanks for the best wishes :)

    LilHyPo's mummy...yup the prices are quite okay.

    James.....of course you may join us!! You are most welcome..hahaha if you dun mind these oldies :p Will fix a day to date you out * wink

    Lazaro...thanks..haha we had great fun that nite plus those delicious-ness :)


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