Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pan Seared Lamb Shoulder With Special Sauce

Not wanting to join the crowds in the restaurant, the Piggies decided to have Mother's Day celebration dinner at home and the chef was none other than Daddy. The Momsie became the kitchen slave chef's assistant and endured the barks and calls  made the mashed potato , salad and buns. Well...since Daddy was so gracious enough to want to stand near the heat and pan seared the lamb just for me, I helped out with some side dishes for pan seared lamb  :p  I made  japanese mashed potato which was an instant hit with the Piggies and the potato buns which I will  later share with you in my other new blog which I will officiate it soon :p 

Just to let you all know that I have decided to put all my bakes and desserts in the other new blog -Elinluv's Sweet Delights.  Meanwhile, this blog will be strictly for dishes I cooked for the family.  For now please drool what Daddy cooked for me and the Piggies on  Mother's Day here :))

I love the sauce that goes with the pan seared lamb shoulder
delicious especially prepared with some much love :p

japanese mashed potato....delish

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day dinner
and I pray that Daddy will always be there to
cook such wonderful Mother's Day dinners
for me and my Piggies LOL!
Seriously..he is a better cook than agree with me ??
 please say yes so that he will continue to cook for us
when he reads all your comments LOL!
Bribery all the way.......:p

Pan Seared Lamb Shoulder With Special Sauce


8 pieces of lamb shoulders - washed clean and tenderized , marinate with a pinch of salt and pepper for 30 minutes

Special Sauce ingredients:

10 pips of garlic - chopped fine
1 red onions - chopped fine
8 tbsp of oyster sauce
8 tbsp of tomato sauce
2 tbsp of chilli sauce
1/2 cup of red wine * optional

( blend the above sauce ingredients together )

Preparation :

Pan seared the lamb shoulder ( 2 pieces at a time - depends on the size of your pan ) in a non -stick pan under mdium heat till cooked both sides. Add the special sauce and continue to seared the lamb shoulder for 3 minutes.  Dish up and serve hot with the side dishes.

Japanese Mashed Potato Salad


4 big Russet/USA Potato - boiled till soft and mashed fine
2 hard boiled egg - mashed
50 gm bacon chips - pan fried till crispy - chopped
1 small carrot - blanch and chopped
pepper and salt to taste
2 tbsp of japanese mayonaise


Combine all the above ingredients together and serve chilled.

Enjoy !

*        *        *


  1. Your hubby is so thoughtful, taking the initiative to cook this dinner for you with so much love!

  2. Hi Cheah are the first to support LOL! After all the barks and calls...yesss I am blessed. He loves to cook but not the washing. I have to pick after him :p I enjoyed his cooking..seriously he cooks well :)

  3. He loves to cook, and cooks so well...Elin, you are lucky! You should allow him to hubby-post here oftener...:-)) And you can concentrate more on your new baking site. How about that?
    The triangle bun with almonds atop looks very interesting!

  4. this should be called Passionate Lamb Shoulder...cos it is cooked with passion and love .. :)

  5. you are so lucky ler, hubby can cook, my hubby prepared nothing for me on Mother's day..

  6. Hi Angie...yes he loves to cook but not the mundane meals ONLY for special occasions! Yup, he cooks better than me...great idea to have him post up on his cooking haha and I get to eat delicious meals all the time :p

    Will post up the buns soon on the other blog :)

    Hi Claire...haha yup should have consulted you on the naming of this dish :p

    Hi Sonia...I am blessed indeed. I have been cooking for him for the last 3 decades so if he cooks for me 3 times a month...not too much to ask ..ya * wink your hubby takes you out to eat ma...fine dining with candlelights dinner for two :)

  7. Wow, so nice! Lucky you! I think my husband has only cook Egg Mien Xian for me on my birthday. :)

  8. Hi Beebee,

    Not all man like to cook. so happens mine like to cook so he likes to take over the helm once in a blue moon :)) and special occasions.
    Awww...yours is sweet too. Cook egg mee xian for you...that's a good start :) Every man is special in their own ways :)

  9. I love when my hubby cooks dinner. I think yours did a great job!

  10. This is so cute Elin! I love it when a guy cooks for us haha.

  11. Hi Elin, love this post, and the special sauce for the lamb. You're lucky, you're hubby likes to cook. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Hi bunkycooks...haha yes we do love it don't we when our hubby does the cooking for us :) Thanks. He can cook and he loves to cook :)

    Hi need to be jealous haha u know la I have to do the cleaning up after he mess up the kitchen :p

    Hi Tanantha...yup we love it but then i have to do the cleaning up after the mess :(

    Hi Cook With Madin...thanks and yup I am blessed and you are welcome to the recipe and hopeyou love the sauce as much as I do.

  13. Lovely dinner - lucky you! My dear hubby did clean up the dishes after dinner on Mothers Day - but I imagine it was probably best that I did the cooking. :)

  14. Hi TEAH....haha yup you are wiser than me...I really do not like the cleaning up too :p

  15. Your hubby did a great job! Everything looks delicious!

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