Monday, March 2, 2009

Salted Fish Vegetables Curry

I love weekends :)) I realized I have been saying this many times on my blog ! I guess it is becoz it is a time when I can bake and cook to my heart’s content without having to think of anything else except F O O D…haha my blog is aptly named … ‘ Piggies luv eating’ . Nay , not only that, it is the only two days my mind is set free from office work and I can spend time enjoying cooking and doing some gardening and reading food magazine and bookmarking my next food project ! is getting longer and longer now, the list I mean :)

This pot of aromatic hot Salted Fish Vegetables Curry really woos…my Piggies’ heart . They dipped the bread on the curry and eat juz like that… the salted fish gave the curry the extra ooomph. It can be served with rice, bread or rice noodles. A very versatile curry indeed.

Salted Fish Vegetables Curry

(Pound together in a mortar pestle)
15 shallots
3 pips garlic

2 stalk lemongrass – crushed

A pkt of fresh ground curry paste ( from the wet market )
or 4 tbsp of Fish Curry Powder + some water into a paste

1 piece of salted fish

2500ml of thin coconut milk
200 ml of thick coconut milk

500 gm of shrimps – deveined , leave the head & shell intact

3 long aubergine – cut into 1.5 inch strips
300 gm long beans – cut into 1.5 inch strips
½ cabbage – cut into pieces

10 pieces of beancurd ( tofu pok )
- cut into halves
1 tbsp of anchovies seasoning powder
salt to taste
2 tbsp of cooking oil


Heat up the oil in a pot and sauteed the salted fish , curry paste , crushed lemongrass , the pounded ingredients till fragrant and till you see the oil floats on the surface of the paste. Add in all the cut vegetables and continue to stir while cooking for another 10 minutes. Add in the thin coconut milk and covered with a lid under low heat till the vegetables are soft.

Add in the anchovies seasoning powder and salt to taste and the shrimps. Keep stirring to prevent the vegetable at the bottom from burnt. Add in the thick coconut milk last. When it boils, off the fire. Serve hot with rice, bread or rice noodles.

Enjoy !


  1. Isn't that shrimp vegetable curry? I see so many shrimps/prawns.

  2. Hi Tigerfish,

    Thanks for dropping a line. Eerr..the original curry is salted fish curry with vegs but I added the shrimps to make it more tastier and since my Piggies love them I added more shrimps..haha the main attraction of the curry is the salted fish flavor :P

  3. That bowl of curry sure looks appetizing...would be lovely to have it with a bowl of rice or even better with some beehoon. It will be like curry beehoon but with so much ingredients.

  4. Hi CK lam :)

    Yup, with beehoon it is fabulous but if you dipped it with bread it is just one word...heavenly!


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