Friday, February 27, 2009

Tangy Tamarind Juice Dipping

This is one dipping that goes well with barbeque fish or oven baked fish or wok fried fish! Tamarind juice with chopped tomato , sliced bird’s eye chillies and sliced shallots and roasted dried shrimp paste powder(belacan ) mixed together to become one mouth-watering dipping that will explode in your ears !!! If you can stand the smell of dried shrimp paste that is. :)))) I think most Asians will love it coz it is mostly used in Malaysian cuisine.

It is a must have dipping for me and Piggy gal whenever we have barbecue fish or fried fish . This dipping is a household item for the local Malays when they have barbeque fish. I love it the first time I tasted it when I had lunch with my Malay colleagues ages back and since then I introduced it to my Piggies and they love it too. The chopped and sliced ingredients blend well with the tamarind juice and aromatic roasted dried shrimp paste powder. The flavor is awesome and appetizing too ! Just writing about it brings back the indelible image of every mouthful of the fish with the fantastic mouth-watering tamarind juice dipping!

Tangy Tamarind Juice Dipping


1.5 tbsp of tamarind paste
1 cup warm water
(combined tog to get the tamarind juice)

1 big ripe tomato – chopped
5 shallots- sliced thinly
5 bird’s eye chillies – sliced thinly

½ thumb-sized dried shrimp paste
( roasted and grind into powder)

** add lime juice if not tangy enough


Combined the tamarind paste and hot water to get tamarind juice. Heat up in a pan till it boils. Off the fire and leave it aside to cool.

Meanwhile chopped up the tomato, chillies and shallots. Put into a bowl and leave aside.

Roast the dried shrimp paste in an oven or you can toast it on a non stick pan till fragrant. Ground into powder.

Mixed together the tamarind juice with the chopped ingredients, add in the roasted shrimp paste powder. If you like it to be more tangy , add lime juice to the dipping.




  1. I love this sauce. Last time I used to have ikan bakar with this sauce in our canteen when I work in previous factory.

  2. Hi Little Inbox :)

    Appetizing rite? I love it! I can eat 2 big fishes at one go with this tangy sauce.


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