Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dressing Up Cakes Can Be Fun :)

Dressing/frosting/decorating up cakes can be so much fun especially doing it together with Piggy gal. None of us really know how to deco a cake properly so we both pretended to decorate up the cake like a pro :) Covering up the flaws was fun, patching here and there with the whipped cream. Trying our best to decorate the cake with our creative minds...like the saying goes, two heads are better than one :P  These are our first masterpieces for the year 2009  
Our 1st masterpiece  
    Fresh Fruit Cake        

Our 2nd masterpiece
Carrot Cake With Cheese Frosting 
& Top with Chopped Walnuts
( notice the generous amount of chopped walnuts )
^ ___^

our 3rd masterpiece
Chocolate Genoise Roll 
With Fresh Fruit & Cream Filling

I am glad that Piggy gal has finally shown interest in baking and it is a good start for her and I am sure she will love it juz like the Momsie...especially when she loves cakes and pasteries  :) I am looking forward to the 3 months when she is back home with us starting 5th of Feb....yahoo...lotz of baking and watching dramas together. Juz imagine the bakings we could do together...  ** Momsie can't stop smiling ** 

These pieces of cakes paints a happy picture :)  Momsie and Piggy gal were happy baking and dressing them up. A baking project we hope to do together again in the near future. Piggy boy's project was to happily chomping them down :P 


May God's richest blessings be upon you both today and 
throughout the year - and may those blessings flow through you 
to touch the lives of everyone you meet.
~ Gary Smalley And John Trent ~


  1. These cakes looks great! I made a fruit cake too! And looks as yours! With mango, kiwi, strawberries... =)
    Pretty good your blog!

  2. Oh, what pretty cakes you have made, they look like store-bought ones :) Great job!

  3. It cheers me up when I see colourful fresh fruit cakes. Tummy!

  4. The cakes are gorge! Especially the fruit one.

  5. @ Garden of Eden: :)) Thanks for dropping by

    @ Talita: Thanks for your kind words and welcome to my blog :)

    @ HHB : Haha, I wish they look store bought. Thanks for your encouragement :))

    @ Little Inbox: Me too. I love fresh fruits on cake so that it looks light and refreshing :)

    @ The Duo Dishes: Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my blog :)


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