Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tasty Choice Belly Cut Beef Soup

Cooked this delicious soup for the family last Sunday and it was so yummilicious that Piggy boy requested that I cook this again for him before he goes back to college. Haha, I love this type of homecooked soup coz they are nutritious and tasty without ajinomoto in it . The natural sweetness of the soup comes mainly from the belly cuts, sea salt and the red dates. The white radish absorbed all the sweetness making the radish even tastier and the radish itself has a nice fragrance when boiled which adds flavor to the soup. This soup takes about 3 hours if cooked the conventional way. But with a pressure cooker, it will takes about ¾ hour.

This soup can be taken as a soup itself with warm rice or as a soup base for the dried mee…. My Piggies love it eaten with a packet of mee for breakfast, lunch or even dinner if I permit them to eat every meal of mee :))) They finished every drop of the soup.

The chinese called this soup 'Ngau Lam Thong '

Tasty Choice Belly Cut Beef Soup

500 gms choice belly cut beef – ready-cut ones from the butcher

1 thumb-sized old ginger
a few chinese red dates
8 white radish – cut into 1.5 in chunks

Sea salt to taste

Fill up a soup pot with water till 2 inches to the brim and when the water boils, add in the belly cuts , ole ginger and red dates. Lower the flame to medium and continue to boil till the belly cuts are soft. Add in some hot water if the liquid has gone down in level. Add in the radish and boil under low flame till the radish are soft and the belly cuts are tender.

When ready to serve add in the sea salt . The amount of salt to put in depends on individual taste .



  1. I'm feeling warm all over just looking at this delicious soup! I really need to get a pressure cooker but I'm still rather frightened of them. 8-)

  2. Hi Tangled Noodle,

    Thanks for dropping by :) It would be good to have a pressure cooker. Save a lot of time for working people. They are safe to use esp the good brand :)


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