Monday, February 2, 2009

' Loe Sung ' At Home Is Fun :))

The best thing I like about CNY is the reunion dinner/lunch and the partaking of Loe Sung :))). We are lucky to be able to have Loe Sung starting from the eve to the 15th day of the CNY.

Time flies , it is already the 7th day of the CNY and the 7th day is 'Yan Yat' - everyone's birthday :) according to the chinese calendar. We , the Piggies enjoy the Loe Sung dish and never fail to partake it together and we enjoy the crispy chips and the crunchy shredded vegetables with the special sweet sauce and the raw thin slices of fish
(' sung yue' )...mmmm just the thought of it makes me wanna eat again. The fragrance from the crushed peanuts and the sesame seeds add more oomph to the whole dish. And the best part , lifting & mixing the ingredients together with a pair of chopsticks as high as we can and chanting aloud in unison ...loe hei ... loe hei was something we look forward to every year. Of course , we can only do that when we ' loe hei ' at home :)))

I have been cooking and baking since CNY's eve till last nite. I thank God that I was given the one whole week of holiday doing what I like doing most. You got it...baking cakes and decorating them. I suck when it come to frosting and icing cakes. For the time being, Piggies love the cake content more than the cake deco but I think I have to go for classes soon :))) Will post up some of the cakes I baked and frosted during the CNY for drooling later. I served the guests with cakes haha :)


Have a Happy Yan Yat Day !


  1. I must nominate you for the "Most energetic & dilingent mom 2009" award. Your piggies are so lucky to have u!

  2. Hi Food ForTots :)

    Haha thanks for your encouraging and kind words. From your blog, I gathered you are also a dotting momsie and your kids are also blessed to have a momsie like you. Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day!


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