Monday, March 30, 2009

Drunken Clams

It’s been a long long time since we had drunken clams or rather clams steamed in chinese wine. Normally, I will buy the other type known as sea clam aka Lala locally which is much sweeter and softer in texture. But yesterday, I saw a lot of these clams aka as Kepah locally, sold in Tesco. Bought some back and instead of frying them in the normal spicy sauce, I decided to have them steamed in cooking wine .

I love cooking my food with chinese cooking wine, it adds oomph to the dish especially steamed item :))) . Not much fuss in preparing this dish . Chopped up some ginger, bird eye chillies, garlic and add in ½ teaspoon of sea salt to the clams. Add in 2 tablespoon of chinese cooking wine to the clams. Wrapped them in aluminium foil and steamed for 15-20 mins in hot boiling water.

Take out from the steamer, garnish with some chopped spring scallions and serve it hot with rice. It was drunkenly good and the meat was fresh and succulent ....heehee I love it so did Piggy gal. The guys not interested in these clams so the ladies had the whole dish to themselves…haha “ less man more share “ as the saying goes :P

before they were steamed I let the clams enjoyed some
wine first, 10 mins of wine bath ^ *

wrapped in aluminium foil and steamed for 15-20 mins
in hot boiling water

the meat fresh and succulent
it was drunkenly good :P

Enjoy and have a nice day!
Coming up next will be kimchi fried rice
with my first ever homemade kimchi :P
stay tuned:)))


  1. Elin, this dish wowed me. Btw, would u please advise which Chinese cooking wine is better? Can I use Shao Hsing wine (紹興酒)? Many thanks for sharing.

  2. oh that looks incredible and so perfect for fancy dinner parties! thank you for sharing :)

  3. wow! The clams look very delicious!

  4. This must be delicious! I prefer Lala as Kappa's shell too thick, hehe...

  5. @ Kenny : Hi, I am glad you like this dish :)) The chinese cooking wine I used is Shao Hsing wine. There are two types, one is the white in color and the other is brownish color. I bought the better quality one which is brownish in color. Haha I hope this helps. In Hong Kong I am sure you can get better quality one :)))

    Pearl: :)) you are welcome.

    Kitchen Corner: :) Yummilicious !

    Little Inbox: Lala is sweeter and texture softer but this delicious too.

  6. I can smell the wine from here...haha
    Can sapu finish the whole plate.

  7. Hi CK, are welcome to sapu all :))) btw thanks for dropping by.

  8. I'm drooling just looking at your photos. Yum!

  9. Hi Dragon :)

    You are back from your vacation! Welcome back ya. Heehee thanks for dropping me a comment.

  10. Delicious! I've never used chinese cooking wine before - now I have good reason to!

  11. Hi Tangled Noodle,
    Haha you should try chinese wine in your cooking. It adds oomph to your dish. I am sure you will love it.



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