Monday, March 16, 2009

' Period Soup '

Some will wonder what the heck is this black soup..haha, most Asian Chinese will probably know that it is called “Pat Chan” (in cantonese) but my Piggies called it the "Period Soup ". I will normally boil this soup for Piggy gal and myself once a month. Good for the womb and helps prevent a woman from aging fast, it seems ^ *

A traditional Chinese herbal soup which is good for the women and is taken after every menstrual period. I won’t go into details…my main highlight is the shaped eggs found in the ' Period Soup '. I am obsessed with the egg press I bought a few weeks back . I make hardboiled eggs juz to have an excuse to use the egg press :)))))) Lame right ? Haha, not only me who is thrilled to bits but Piggy gal too . She even used that photo as her display picture in her msn! Lots of question asked by her friends on msn chat and she answered them all. I guessed she was happy for once in taking this bitterish sweet black soup with that cutie car shaped egg in it . For me I took the fish shaped one….. makes the 'Period Soup' more fun to take and we kept the egg till last… :)

Piggy gal has this cute car shaped egg
in her Period Soup



  1. I remember this soup. My mom used to boil this soup for us too but its has been a while since I had this. No even sure if we can get this herbs here.

  2. I had almost forgot about this soup.My mom & MIL used to boil it for me but I am too lazy to do it by myself. Hehehe!

  3. hi, can share the recipe? thank you.

  4. I boil Pat Chan Soup once a while, not every month. Pat Chan soup, Dong Quai soup and Sip Chuan soup are boil alternatively.

  5. Hi Gert,
    NY chinatown may have ^ *
    If not when you next come back I will get for you :P but ask Mr.C first ya :)))

    @ Food For Tots: Lucky you, I wish I have a mom and mil to boil for me . They have both gone home to be with God :(

    @ Jo: Ask for Pat Chan in cantonese from the chinese medicine shop. Boil it with 4 rice bowl of water on low flame till you get 2 bowls. Add hardboiled eggs in half way thru boiling. Normally it takes about 1.5 hours. I normally boil this soup in the evening and have it before I go to bed :)))

    @ Little Inbox: Good idea, I will do that for my Piggy gal . Thanks for sharing. She does not like to take Pat Chan ,I have to force her together with me :))

  6. I've never had this soup before.

  7. Dear Elin!
    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog!
    Pics of Princess Mononoke Forest coming soon!
    This is certainly an original soup!
    First time I see it!
    One learns all the time! LOL

  8. @ Pam : Haha, only Asian chinese take this kind of soup . It is bitterish and sweet :P

    @ Shizuokagourmet : Hi Robert, yup very original and I heart it...bitterish at first but the after taste is sweet :P

  9. Hi Elin
    juz to update..i managed to find the 100 yen shop. initially i thought it was in Ipoh Parade itself but couldn't find it in the directory. checked with a salesgirl and was told it was outside the building. almost gave up until my son pointed an exit from Parkson. found the shop at last but sad to say, the egg press is out of stock! hope i can find it in Daiso over here...

  10. I'm very intrigued about this 'period soup.' What are the ingredients?

  11. So bizarre! I have never heard of such a thing as Period Soup LOL! When I was a teen, me and my girlfriends used to eat Period Chocolate! Just the same chocolate as usual, but to cheer you up on those days of depression!

  12. Oh dear! I am (lucky?) I have never had to have this soup! I remember every now and again my mum would boil Dong Quai in a pan at home and you KNOW when she has as it makes the kitchen STINK! Yukky looking black soup/tea. Am lucky she's never made it for me!

    Although she will be making some Pig Trotter and Ginger for me soon and I am not looking forward to that. I am not a ginger fan! :'(


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