Monday, February 18, 2008

A Trip To The Nearest Farmers' Market

I never had so much fun before….hubby took piggy gal , the maid and me to the Farmers’ Market near the Stadium last Saturday. It had been quite awhile since we last made a trip there. The maid wanted to buy some clothes for her daughter , so the only place that sells cheaper clothes are from the stalls at the Farmers’ Market. I really enjoyed myself there. There were so many things to see and ogled over and there were so many types of local cakes and food stuff on sale there.

Besides stalls selling vegetables and fruits, there were also stalls selling handicrafts, shoes, clothes and many other interesting food stuff. Haha… there were stalls selling potted plants and among them are orchids in full bloom. Beautiful but quite pricey though. But I can’t resist the bird’s eye chilli plant so I bought a pot back. It costs me RM5. Kind of pricey but since it is in full bloom I don’t mind paying for it. Here are some pictures I took when I was there.

( I bought this bird's eye chilli plant for RM5 )

Orchids are in full bloom and they looked gorgeous but I am not an orchid enthusiast so didn't buy any. Can't resist stealing shots on them...haha...

They even sell salted fish of various varieties there. I couldn’t resist stealing a shot of the stall with the big salted fish being hung up as sample . Haha..

Such a big one....I forgot to ask how much this one you notice that there are no flies around? Strange right? Do you think that they might have sprayed some chemical on the salted fish?

All types of crispies ….a whole range of them…selling RM5 for 3 pkts. Bought some back coz piggies love to munch on them while facing the idiot box.

A stall selling woven reed and rattan baskets and handicrafts....interesting stuff

I have never seen this type of melon before. Have you ? The inside is like honey dew. The sellers claimed that they are very sweet but since no one bought any..... I didn't buy any either . Just stole a shot though. Hahaha...

( D.I.Y advertising )
There were lotz of stalls selling interesting items, but hubby's stomach was growling, I had to rushed through my marketing list. After the maid had her shopping done, we went for our breakfast. Haizz...wouldn't mind going there again.

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