Thursday, February 21, 2008

May No Gift Be Too Small To Give......

This book has been sitting in the book shelf since 2002. Piggy Gal and I were sorting out the books from the book shelf in her room and found this book. I guessed it must have been lying idle for 6 years in that corner of the shelf . I wiped it clean and to my surprised it still looks new. This book, was a birthday present from us , for her 14th birthday. Cool, I wonder whether she read it or not, since it still looks new. . She really knows how to take care of her things...haizz a world of difference between she and the Piggy Boy. Anyway , girls are better at taking care of things than boys... do you agree?

10,001 of the world's worst jokes.....hmm I guess it will take me at least one month to finish reading all the 10,001 jokes. It should be fun , I think, even though they may be the worst jokes ever.

Quote taken from ' Words To Warm A Mother's Heart '

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love. - anon


  1. hi.. dunoe what happen just now i left a comment for it just went missing nevermind i will just write again haha.. i was saying i have tried steaming 5 eggs for so many years now only turn out ok ok..maybe the next time i steam it wont turn out well also..sometimes dunoe what happen also

  2. sapphire blu :Haha..ya it look simple yet so difficult to achieve the right texture. I guess the steaming time is important. I hope I will be able to master it soon. Take care and thanks for dropping by.


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