Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Temptation of Sinful Dishes - Gluttony

Haha... I have uploaded the most alluring sinful dishes we had for our reunion luncheon. I am the most sinful piggy when it comes to food. Gluttony is a sin and yet I have committed it....haizz
But when I see the piggies tucking in and enjoying every morsel of it.... it was worth committing the crime (",)

The first dish being Ju Hu Char ( Fried Julienne Turnips with Dried Cuttlefish ) is to be eaten by wrapping them in raw lettuce. It is a fantabulous dish.

Fried Julienne Turnips With Dried Cuttlefish

1 turnip - julienne 1 carrot - julienne
8 dried black mushrooms (soaked and shredded )
200 gm of lean meat ( shredded )
40 gm dried cuttlefish ( buy the ready shredded type) - soaked till soft
a drop of thick soy sauce
salt to taste

Garnishing 8 shallots - sliced thinly


  • Heat wok with 4 tblspoon of oil and fry the shallots till lightly brown and crispy. Dish up and put aside. Using the remaining oil, fry the julienne turnips and carrots till half cooked. Dish up the turnips and carrots and put aside. Add a tblspoon of oil to the wok, add in the rest of the shredded ingredients and fry till the cuttlefish is fragrant, then add in the turnips and fry till it is well mixed and the turnips are soft. Add in salt to taste and a drop of thick soy sauce for coloring. Lastly, add in the fried shallots and mixed well. You can keep some of the fried shallots for garnishing later when serving.

Note: This dish can be eaten alone by itself as a dish or eaten with raw lettuce.

Second Dish - 

Braised Mushrooms with Sea Cucumber

100gm dried black mushrooms - washed soaked overnight till soft
1 piece of dried cuttlefish - washed and soaked
250 gm piece of pork ( thigh part ) - cut into chunks

2 sea cucumber - sliced thickly
thumb-sized ginger
200 gm of dried oysters - washed and soak
50 gm fatt choy - soaked and washed
3 tblspoon oyster sauce
thick soy sauce
salt to taste

corn flour

Broccoli for decoration - scald in hot boiling water


  • Heat up some oil in a medium size pot, add in the ginger and stir fry till fragrant . Add in the dried cuttlefish, mushrooms, the chunks of pork and the dried oysters and fry till semi cooked. Add enough water and braised till the mushrooms and oysters are soft. Add in oyster sauce, salt and thick soy sauce. When it is half way through the cooking add in the sea cucumber. When the sea cucumber is soft, this dish is ready for serving. Add in the thickening and the fatt choy last.

Note: This dish will taste better if it is braised the night before.

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  1. yummy,yummy for your tummy..lol. you started working already? I have been going to your blog daily and all I saw was CNY wish until this morning..wah got few dishes to see already.. take kaer.

  2. Heehee,I am still on leave till Wednesday. Still CNY mood coz Jo is back for her 1 mth sem break. So take the opportunity to spend sum time wif her lor. You too, take care. U in Kuching still?


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