Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chinese Tradition of 'Loe Sung' In My Home

Underneath that colored radish are those shredded veg.
Couldn't take a pic of the tossed ingredients coz it vamoose before I can take a pic of it.

Today, according to the chinese calendar, is everyone’s birthday. The Cantonese named this day “ Yan Yat ” A big day for everyone . Needless to say, ‘ loe sung ’ is a must for the chinese…haha… I took the opportunity to loe sung together since my piggies are back together with us. A delicacy we never miss. We are to mix all the raw ingredients together which comprises of shredded carrots, radish , cucumber, fatt choy , coriander leaves , those crispy fritters like thingy, roasted sesame, some roasted chopped peanuts, raw fish slices ( pickle with lime juice or brandy for those who do not eat raw fish slices ), pickle leeks and pomelo pulps. Toss together with the prepared sweet sauce ( no idea what it is made of ) , ¼ teaspoon of five spice powder and a tablespoon of cooking oil.

The best part of this is , using the chopsticks and in unison , lifted the tossed ingredients as high as possible and screaming at the top of our voices at the same time “ Loe Hei , Loe Hei ’.The more the merrier. To us, Chinese , the higher we lift the loe sung the higher we gain better achievement in our careers or studies. For those in businesses , they believe they will be more prosperous the year ahead . A chinese tradition ,in which other races do partake when they are invited to the Chinese home. They find it interesting and amusing , and not wanting to miss the good luck and blessings that the Chinese are going to get in the year of the golden rat. Good things must be shared…right? *wink* .

Years back when I was younger, I remembered that the chinese have it only on the 7th day of Chinese New Year . But today, they have it on the eve till the 15th day of the CNY. Haha… I guess chinese restaurateur are smart. They promote it from the eve to the 15th day so they make more money out of people who really believes that the more loe sung they have, they more prosperous they become. Who will become more prosperous? The restaurateur, of course! Piggy like me becomes fatter…haha… loves those crispy fritters..hmmmm yummy delicious and a fantabulous dish! We will have another round on the 15th day coz piggy gal is still around. A month sem break….gosh , she gonna be a well fed rounded piggy when she goes back to her hostel. (“,)

Note: Bought this dish of ' loe sung ' from a restaurant near my housing estate. It costs RM36 a box. The queue was long. But worth the queuing... (",)

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