Friday, June 23, 2023

Pork Ribs Curry

Nowadays I cooked curry using the LC pot. Cooked in it and serve from stove to table. Save washing😜! I  cook Indian curries mostly using You Tuber - Curries With Bumbi recipes. Her recipes are very delicious and even the hubby gives the thumbs up. This is her Mutton Curry recipe but I replaced the mutton with Pork Ribs. It is so good that hubby asked to save up the recipe in case I forgets the ingredients 🤪😜🤣

I realised that my curry cooking skill has improved tremendously. Thank you to You Tuber like her, kind and generous in sharing authentic Indian curries. Healthy curries too! Check out her YouTube channel if you love Indian curries. It goes well with my homemade Chapati. Since I eat Chapati most of the dinners, this curry is great with it and for rice too. Using Kashmiri Chilli powder gives the curry a more vibrant red colour.  I like the fact that her recipe uses fresh tomato besides those spices used in the curry. Simple method yet delicious. The recipe is a keeper no doubt. Check out her channel if you are keen to cook Indian curries.
delicious looking curry

I like the taste and the colour of the curry
I half cooked the potatoes before cooking in the curry paste

Recipe link below

Curries with Bumbi

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