Saturday, June 3, 2023

Fish Head Curry Mamak Style

This Mamak Style Fish Head Curry is our favourite curry...a bit tangy and spicy. And I will normally add in lots of okras, tomatoes and longbeans. Sometimes I do add shrimps and squid for the hubby. And today I added in Giant Octopus brings the curry to the next level. This time I made it a bit spicy and tangy.  I used my favourite LC pot . Can cook and serve in it at the same time. Pretty favourite colour. This LC was given as a gift from my son and his wifey. This curry is very tasty and very much like those served in Mamak Restaurant . I am just kidding okay but it is really good.

I added octopus tentacles to the curry

after the curry paste and oil has separated, and in the fish head
Just the aroma can truly make me hungry



Fish head

Other seafood of your choice *

(B) blend into paste

6 shallots

5 cloves of garlic

3 slices of ginger

(C) mix with water to make a thick paste

2 tbsp Korean chilli powder or Kashmiri Chilli Powder

5 tbsp Fish Curry Powder ( I used Alagappas's)

1/2 tbsp Coriander Powder

1/2 tbsp Cummin Powder


1sprig of curry leaves

2 red onions- slice thickly

1tbsp Bijiran Halba 

(E) amount up to indivdual



Longbeans * optional

700 ml water or more depends how much curry gravy needed

Tamarind water - amount to your taste

3 tbsp of Coconut Milk - Ayam Brand

1/3 cup of cooking olive oil or veg oil

Salt and chicken powder * ( optional) to taste


Add cooking oil into pot and add (B) , cook under med low heat till fragrant, add in (C) and saute till fragrant and oil separated. Add in (D) and continues stir fry for a few secs. Add in (A) and cook for a few minutes, gently stir the bottom so that it doesn't get burnt. Add in 700 ml water and tamarind water and let it simmer till almost boiling, add in (E)  Continue to simmer the curry till all the veggies are soft. If adding seafood add in now. Add in coconut milk and chicken powder if using last. Salt to taste. Curry is ready to be served.


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