Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Curry Puffs Kampung Style Pastry

This the best Curry Puff Pastry I had tested out so far. The crust remains crispy many hours after deep frying and the dough is very pliable during wrapping. A keeper for sure. I have made this Curry Puff for the hubby many times and I know I need to post this up to share with my readers and followers of my blog this good and tested curry puff pastry. The fillings is made of potatoes , red onions and diced chicken breast. Alagappas's Meat Curry powder is perfect for this fillings. Curry leaves, chicken powder, salt to taste makes up the taste of the fillings. After cooking, the fillings is best kept overnight in fridge for easy wrapping and for the flavours to infuse into the potatoes. No regrets trying out the recipe. Recipe is from Che Nom To YouTuber channel.

the curry puffs can be baked, air fried or deep frying..results is the same. Crispy pastry 

love the crispness

and not oily at all even after deep frying

can be frozen for 2 months...straight from the freezer to the hot oil

the pastry dough is very pliable, easy wrapping

because the pastry dough is pliable you can fill it with lots of fillings

best to keep fillings in fridge overnight
before using

Curry Puffs Kampung Style

500 gm AP flour
2tbsp Rice Flour
1/2 cup oil + 2tbsp of butter/ margarine - melted and heat up with the veg oil
1/2+/- cup ice water - add in slowly

Combine (A) in mixing bowl. Add in hot oil (B) into mixed flour . Using a spatula, mix in the oil into flour till crumbly. 
Slowly add in cold water (C) and gently knead till a smooth dough is formed.
Rest dough for an hour. 
Divide dough into 25-30 gms each. 
Roll into a disc, thickness not too thin or the fillings will burst out during wrapping nor too thick. 
Put a heaped spoonful of fillings in the center of the dough skin. Fold over and crimp the edges.
You can deep fry the curry puffs or air fry them.

For more details...
click recipe link here

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