Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Masala Vada

I had a sudden craving for Masala Vada, so the night before I soaked 300gms of Dhall lentils. Soaking them overnight helps to soften for easy blending. This is a must not skip step. I blended them into finer texture as our dentist Dr.friend have advised us not to crunch on anything hard esp hard nuts and too crunchy stuff. This Masala Vada turned out great. Finer texture doesn't look authentic but they taste authentic!

Hubby and I love this Indian snack food. It is easy to whip up and delicious to munch on while watching a movie. And we like to prepare from home as we know the oil we are using. Having said that, this snack food is healthy and it is good for cancer survivors. No sugar, no flour required in this recipe.  A healthy snack that we love. 

crispy exterior and soft on the inside

look how crispy the exterior is

medium heat while deep frying so that they don't burned the outside before the inside is cooked

add the starch water to the mixture
important not to skip this step

the starch water will be collect at the base of the drained off water from the blended dhall

Masala Vada Recipe

300 gm's Dhall lentils - soaked overnight
2 Red onions - diced
2 sprigs of curry leaves - sliced
3 Green chillies - sliced
4 dried chilli - sliced
1tsp coriander powder
1tsp cummin seeds
Salt to taste
Starch water from the Dhall - after blending the Dhall. Drain off excess water..leave for half hour. The starch from the base.

1.Blend the soaked overnight Dhall till finer or coarse ( to own taste) texture with the some water. 
2.Drain the blended dhall on muslin cloth over a basin. Don't throw the water. 
3.Leave the water in the basin for half hour. The starch will be at the base. Slowly remove the starch and add into the Dhall and (A) mixture. 
Once the mixture is well combined, leave in the fridge to chill for half an hour or more. This is to firm up the mixture and for a crispier exterior.
4. Shape them to whatever size you desire and deep fry in hot oil. Reduce heat to medium hot so as not the burn the exterior before the inside is cooked.
Before taking out the masala Vada, increase heat so as not to allow the Vada to absorb oil.
5. Drain the cooked Vada on paper towel to absorb excess oil before serving.

1.Make sure to add the starch water from the lentil to the mixture so that the mixture is easier to shape them. Refer to pic No.6
2. Chill in fridge for at least half hour before deep frying for a crispy exterior.


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