Thursday, February 2, 2023

Deep Fried Beancurd Skin Roll With Fish Paste

Before I had this ' pyschology' problem in eating whole fish' ( nothing serious just that I just dislike eating whole fish' now due to vomiting ) Ever since the vomiting episode I took a dislike to eating whole fish.  And prior to the vomiting episode, I had bought a few Tofu Fish.  I was thinking not to waste the fish as hubby is not a fish eating man, so I came up with this idea of turning the fish into fish paste. This this is how Beancurd Skin Roll came into being.  Lucky for me I am a hoarder of ingredients. I had beancurd skin in the freezer. I used the basic method to make fish paste. Chill the fish meat then blend in a chopper. Add salt water and keep beating the fish meat into a shiny bouncing paste. I added fried anchovies for a more umami flavour to the fish paste. Spread them thinly onto the beancurd skin and roll them into lil rectangular rolls. Deep fried them in 1/2 inch of hot oil.  They cooked fast so fry them on med low heat. So easy peasy and I managed to cheat the brain in thinking it is not fish and has nothing to do with fish. Lol, I had a good meal with these delectable, crispy beancurd rolls.
the fish paste filling is delicious

I added homegrown green onions too to the paste
beautifully fried....drain them over paper towel to absorb excess oil
deep fried over 1/2 inch oil
It is a good thing for me to stock up on beancurd skin in freezer, very convenient and they can keep for a at least a year. Just need to thaw it for ten mins before use.
Just need to spread a thin layer of fish paste on the beancurd skin as the skin cooks fast and will get burnt if too long in the hot oil. So remember just spread out a thin layer of fish paste.

Texture of fish paste after blended and manually hand beat the paste. Should be shiny and bouncing 😀

Fish meat- scrapped out from one tofu fish
Black Pepper
a few tbsp of salt water
1tbsp of chopped Green onions
1tbsp of Fried anchovies - pounded coarsely
2tsp of chopped Carrots

Top: fish meat must be chilled in freezer an hour before you  put into chopper and blend them into paste. Add salt water as the chopping is in progress. Once paste is sticky ,add in anchovies, and the rest of the ingredients. Take out paste and manually hand beat till shiny and texture has bounces. It is ready for use on the beancurd skin.


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