Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Bone Broth Recipe

Making your own bone broth from home can take many hours. Yesterday I slow boil the pork bone for 10 hours and managed to get rich creamy bone broth. I used pork bone only. This broth can be used as Ramen soup base ( refer to the link here for the recipe )

I like to have the stock ready for stir fried vegetables or as a soup base for any noodles. This bone broth is rich creamy after low rolling boil for 10 hours. So worth it, as this broth is rich in collagen and calcium and other rich nutrients. 

after 10 hours, this is how it looks like

rich creamy bone broth

To read up on how to make this bone broth from scratch , check out the link here for more info on bone broth for ramen soup base from scratch.


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