Sunday, January 22, 2023

Red Bean Sweet Soup With Matcha Glutinous Rice Balls

It has been our family tradition to have sweet dessert served on the first day of Chinese New Year. This year is Rabbit Year. Wishing everyone a blessed CNY. May the Rabbit Year brings good health, joy and Wealth to all of us. 

I cooked a small pot of Red Bean Sweet Soup and added Matcha Glutinous Rice Balls filled with Peanut Butter. Great combo and a great start to a good year.

I used Niko Neko matcha powder. So fragrant. Great for ice cream too. 

I added dried longan to the red bean sweet soup for extra texture

The Matcha Glutinous balls are filled with Peanut butter...
for easy handling, lightly dab the hand with water
lovely green matcha Glutinous Rice dough

Ingredients for the matcha Glutinous Rice Dough

100 gm Glutinous Rice flour
1/2tbsp matcha powder
60 gm or slightly more hot water

Skippy Peanut Butter

Divide dough into 15 balls each weighing 11 gm. Fill with peanut butter or anything of your your choice. 

Tip: for easy handling...lightly wet the hand when wrapping the balls. And it also gives the ball a smooth surface.


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