Monday, January 23, 2023

CNY Eve's Dishes That I Cooked

I managed to whipped up 4 dishes for our CNY Eve's dinner. I am super happy with all the dishes. I added to new dishes that was Steamed Fresh Abalone and Omanthus Egg Omelette With Japanese Imitation Shark Fin . They both turned out the best dishes. I had so much joy trying out new dishes and they will be listed in my dinner list for sure.

1st dish - Braised Sour Spicy Trotters

2nd Dish - Omanthus Egg Omelette withJ Japanese Imitation Shark Fin

3rd Dish - Steamed Fresh Abalone with Sizzled Soy Sauce Oil and Crispy Garlic
Green Onions and chilli garnishing
Close up of the Steamed Fresh Abalone
4th Dish -  Vegetarian Dish

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR - Year if the Rabbit. May the year brings Good Health Joy and Prosperity to all.

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