Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Chickpea Hummus With Oven Toasted Tortilla Chips

We had craving for boiled chickpeas. As movie snack.  I used the pressure cooker, so it is fast work. And since I have the ready pre-boiled chickpeas, I decided to make Chickpea Hummus. So instead of just snacking on chickpeas alone, we had Chickpeas Hummus with Tortilla Chips. I am an opportunist! Easy to whip up kind of snack if you have the pre-boiled chickpeas on hand. Just blitz ,add the rest of the ingredients which I have in the fridge.  Wraps are always an item stocked in fridge, needless to say those spices in the pantry.  We had the most delicious movie snack ever! I am a fast worker in the kitchen lol.

 Creamy and tasty hummus

Healthy snacking
Creamy and smooth, add some olive oil and chilli flakes on surface when serving
Ingredients I used for the making hummus
My Philips chopper is a useful kitchen helper
Tortilla Chips out of the oven, nicely toasted, crispy 

Ingredients for the Chickpea Hummus
10 Oz pre-boiled chickpeas
1/2 cup liquid from the chickpeas
3-5 tbsp lemon juice to taste
1.5 tbsp Tahiti
5 cloves garlic peeled and crushed
1 tsp salt
4 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp of ground cummin
Smoked paprika
Chilli flakes

Blitz (A) till creamy . If not creamy add in chickpea liquid. Dish out and when serving add olive oil on surface and chilli flakes.  
 For the Tortilla Chips
Cut tortilla wraps into chips sizes. Brush olive oil on both sides. 
Toast in oven temp 190c  till golden brown  abt 10 mins. Don't walk away. It burned the moment you move away 😂
Serve immediately with the hummus.

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