Monday, February 20, 2023

King Oyster Mushroom Scallop

I have been trying to eat more plant based food instead of meat all the time. Adding lentils to my diet is good and I have looking the internet for more interesting and appetising recipes using plant based and lentils. But for today I am sharing how to make King Oyster Mushrooms into 'scallops' . Texture turned exactly like scallops , only the taste is more earthy 😜 but worry it taste good over all.  Appearance likes scallop too. We love it and will make again definitely.  Easy to whip up. No fuss at all and this is one way how to cook King Oyster Mushroom.  Use the stem of the mushroom and only King Oyster Mushroom can replicate scallop as texture of the stem is still firm after cooking.  Try it, you will love it.
 Cut the stem 1 inch length and scored the surface criss crossed.
The garlic butter make it taste better

According to the recipe it is best to marinate them one night ahead of time or minimum 1hr before cooking
and pan seared for ten minutes. 5 mins on each side.

I didn't marinade it according to the recipe as I was rushing thru the cooking that's why it tasted a bit earthy. Will follow the recipe to the dot the next time I cook this again.  This is one easy Vegan dish that can be added to my dinner menu.

Recipe link : click here

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