Monday, December 21, 2020

Happy Winter Solstice 2020

It’s play dough time again...Glutinous Rice balls with peanut butter fillings. Yummy good😋 ....Happy Winter Solstice to my loved ones and all my friends here. Happy feasting and stay safe everyone .

Glutinous Rice Ball/Tang Yuan


250 gm Glutinous Rice flour

55gm boiling water

170 to 180 ml water


Peanut Butter

Ginger Sweet Soup

1/2 cup sugar or to taste

1000 ml water

3 pandan leaves or screwpine leaves tie into a knot

1 piece ginger, peeled and sliced


To prepare syrup, boil the water in a pot. Add pandan leaves , sugar and ginger and bring it to a boil on medium heat until the aroma of ginger and pandan is released.

In a big bowl, mix glutinous rice flour with 55 gm of boiling water and give it a quick stir. Slowly add in the rest of the water and keep stirring till you get a smooth dough. Divide dough into 3 portions, one with thick pandan juice extract, one with added red coloring (food grade) and the other portion leave it as natural white

Pinch a tsp of the dough, flatten it and place center with peanut butter , wrap it up and roll it round. Repeat same process until all the dough are used up.  Add these glutinous rice ball to the prepared ginger sweet soup and give it a quick boil. Once the balls are floating, they are cooked. Off heat and served either hot or cold.

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