Saturday, April 25, 2015

Silky Smooth Dried Oyster, Peanut Porridge

Before the GST came into force in April,  I bought my very first electric pressure cooker - Philips Pressure Cooker for RM475 from Jusco during Jusco Privilege Card Day. 5% discount on all electric goods and on top of that I received  RM40 vouchers plus a set of Philips ceramic knives .  A good deal no doubt , but the most important point is with this cooker, I get to cook food in lesser time and tastier food.  

I thought that after retirement, I will have lots of free time to cook dishes that takes up lots of time but I discovered that it was not to be.  I am out most of the morning coz I got myself committed to many activities :p  Thus, getting this PPC was a good choice/ With it , I can stew, braise, steam, bake in lesser time and food taste better too.  My first try on this PPC was to cook this flavor packed porridge and guess what... I have this silky smooth tasty porridge ready in 30 mins.  And it can keep the porridge warm the whole day. It has this keep warm mode,  This PPC is a great help to my busy lifestyle :) 

The ingredients used for the porridge are dried oysters, preserved turnip( tai tau choy in cantonese), soften peanuts and soft bone pork and rice, salt to taste and ground white pepper. I dumped everything into the pressure cooker and add water to slightly above the 1/3 water level mark and press the porridge mode.  KPT is 13 mins.  Once it is done, allow it to depressurise by itself and then it is ready for serving.   I am happy with the PPC and will be using it very often as I find it very convenient. While it is cooking my food, I can do my gardening.  Hahaha no more worries about food getting burnt  !

 this amount is for two persons :)

my new toy :)

a bowl of silky smooth flavor packed porridge

Have a great weekend !


  1. This is my kind of congee, Elin! May I have one bowl please? Perfect for the cold weather over here. I loved all the ingredients in your congee, except the oyster even though I would put them into my congee - just for the flavour and taste.

    1. Veron...yea, my kind of congee too :) I love everything in the rich and satisfying taste :)


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