Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kiam Chai Boi / Choy Kuok

The other day, I roasted a piece of pork belly ( siew yoke )and kept some for making ' kiam chai boi ', a savoury asian dish using left overs of meat, prawns and cook it with Chinese Mustard (Gai Choy), pickled mustard green ( Kiam Chai ), dried chillies, slices of tamarind (Assam Poi) until all has soften and aromatic.  For me, I prefer roasted pork belly or roasted trotters thus I roasted pork belly for this dish :)  This dish is appetizing...hot and sour...I can eat this dish stand alone.  The soup is so much tastier especially I cooked this dish in Philips Pressure Cooker!  The pressure helps to keep the aroma and taste locked in.  Yummy!

All I need to do is to stir fry the vegetables...that is the Chinese Mustard and pickled mustard green with dried chillies, slices of dried tamarind, a piece of ginger with a tablespoon of oil until the greens has wilted and become soft.  Once the greens has turned soft about 15 mins, scoop the stir fried veggies and roasted pork belly into the pressure cooker.  Add water to the maxi level allowed.  Set to congee mode ..KPT 13 mins and after the pressure cooker depressurized, the Kiam Chai Boi is ready to be served.  

stir fry the kiam chai and chinese mustard together with dried chillies, ginger, tamarind slices
until the veggies has wilted and turn soft...add in the roasted pork belly
and stir fry till evenly combined

home roasted pork belly ( siew yoke )

scoop the stir fried veggies and roast pork into
the pressure cooker...add water to the maximum level
allowed , add a piece of knorr chicken cube
and set the pressure cooker to congee mode
with KPT 13 mins

once the pressure cooker depressurized,
the kiam chai boi is ready to be served

WB and I really enjoyed this dish...so tasty
and using a pressure cooker save time and energy
while it cooking in the cooker, we can each do our own stuff
without having to fuss over it :)


1/2 kg roast pork or any leftover roast meat
2 Chinese mustard 
2 pkt of kiam chai ( from jusco)
9 pieces of dried chillies
5 pieces of dried tamarind slices ( assam poi)
a few slices of ginger
1 piece of knorr chicken cube
water enough to cover the veggies or maxi level allowed in pressure cooker
salt to taste

Stir fry all the ingredients with a tablespoon of oil in a wok, once the the geens has soften , add in the roast pork and stir fry till well combined. Scoop them into the pressure cooker , add water to the maximum level allowed and set the presure cooker to congee mode KPT 13 mins.  allow the cooker to depressurise before opening the lid and serve hot with rice.

Enjoy and have a great day

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