Monday, April 27, 2015

Lunch @ Restoran Brogla, Broga, Semenyih

Each time I visit my gal in  Semenyih, I look forward to the food there.  They are a few new places Semenyih that offers good and delicious food. And  today, I would like to introduce you to this restaurant in Broga, Semenyih called Restoran Brogla.   My gal and son-in-law brought us ( WB, Joshua and myself ) to this Restoran Brogla during our recent trip there , and really, they serve good dishes that had me craving for more even after a hearty and heavy meal.  I told my gal, I am coming back for more and now I am already planning my next trip there.  

Their signature dish is the Assam Petai Tilapia ( pic above) is really lip-smacking good..the fragrant and taste is fantastic.  I wish I could cook at home this dish :p anyway, I will try to replicate and see if I could get near there where taste is concerned.  And the second dish , yummilicious pork intestine with fried dried shrimps and bird's eye delicious that now I drools as I am writing this post.

this dish is what I would recommend you to order if you are eating there

prawn mantis in salted duck yolk
thumbs up for this too

crispy chicken cubes cooked Mangolian style :)
creamy and tasty 

simple stir fry sweet potato leaves with garlic

And this is the restaurant worth going to :)


  1. Thank you for sharing this place. See if we have chance to go there and try the food.

  2. Wild Boar loves the food so shd be OK.haha


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