Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thai Food With The Family @Awet Thai Garden, Semenyih

Today is not talking about what I cooked for dinner.  Today post is about this Awet Thai Garden restaurant in Sungai Chua , where we had our dinner when we spent our break with Joanna and her other half (okay my son-in-law )  LOL!  They both gave us a treat and we all love the food there.  The big sister knows that the lil brother loves the food there thus took us all there to have a hearty meal .  I have been to this restaurant can check the past post first time there and this is my second time eating there. For WB, it is his first time and I can see he enjoyed the food very much.   These are their famous and popular dishes.  

BBQ pork neck.....thumbs up !

seafood tomyam...very savory

mango kerabu...fantastic and a must order

tempura kangkung....very nice...crispy and they have
a special dip sauce

my Piggy Josh :)

we choose the floating platform ...the lake is man made lake
it is beautiful at night especially at dusk

why is WB glaring at me ??? hahaha

WB praying for the food, the guys are chatting and
that lil piggy Jo is looking thru the menu....aptly named
Piggy Jo...always looking at menu even after we have
ordered our meals LOL!

Enjoy !

AWet Thai Garden
Lot 1283, Kolam Takungan, Taman Cahaya, Sg. Chua 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel: +603-87332396 / +6019-2630828


  1. yes yes...they have one in Puchong . we went to the puchong one. The food was very good. Love their steam first.....wah sg chua ones nice ambience leh

    1. Kathy, you should make a trip there....nice romantic ambience. Sit on their floating platform....see the lake and the night taste better too. I love their mango kerabu !!! and pandan chicken yummy!

  2. Something special.... ! Tom yam must be very appetizing too!!

    1. The food is good...not bad esp the pork neck, mango kerabu, the crispy kangkung tempura with special sauce and the tom yam heehee...wait one day we go together :)


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