Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Steamboat At Home - Toast To A New Journey :)

Time flies....the day that I had waited finally arrived.  That was 30th January 2015...the last day of my working life. Yay!  I am set free from a time bound routine life.  My boss and colleagues gave me a very warm farewell lunch at Excelsior Hotel and I received many gifts. One of gifts was a Philip Induction Cooker...something that I wanted very much :p   and today it served us well :)

WB and I celebrated my new journey with steamboat at home.  We bought our favourite food and had a hearty warm dinner......really warm due to the hot and humid weather LOL! but no worry...the air con is in full blast :p and what more free flow of beer to cool down the body heat ;p  Anyway , to cut the story short, we had a really good time tucking in the food cooked on the induction cooker that comes with a multi purpose stainless shallow pot - just perfect for a steamboat !  A toast to a new journey in life for the both of us.  Finally I can be a full time housewife !  Hip hip hooray !!!!! more homecooked food from now on :) Super duper happy that I can have a timeless routine more alarm clock !  Isn't that wonderful ?

a must have garlic oil for the steamboat

an assortment of our favorite food

our favorite veggies

love this induction cooker to bits

the crabs were so fresh...supposely one for him and one for me
but I ended up eating two...none for him :p

chilled beer is best to have when having steamboat :)

dessert for the night is local grown longan
meaty and sweet !

A toast to a new journey !
May God be always there with us
as we journey together !


  1. Splendid!!! I'd rather invite myself to your place for this than eat anywhere outside in Ipoh. Wink! Wink!

    1. Haha Arthur... again being placed so high up ... I will fall flat leh ;) This is only steamboat .... everyone can make this ;p

  2. yum....

    Eh ...i learn something from the longan farmer. He said these longan can masuk freezer then bring out and eat. taste still crunchy and even nicer leh

    1. WB looking for the local bud grafted one and plant on big pot ...after eating the local ones ... thick flesh and so sweet rm13 per kg only really good !

  3. Wahhh! now so free liow, so much time on your hands, you will be cooking fabulous meals. Plus your garden will be blooming beautifully. Would love to visit your garden soon.

    1. Hahaha...should have retired earlier if I know it was so good :) not many flowers...I just planted sweet potato leaves, swee chai choy, and capsicum...hopefully all will flourish. No space to plant flowering plants yet but hopefully can find a space to plant them :) Come come :)


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