Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oven Baked Potato Wedges

The first thought would be...gosh, this is calories loaded but on second thought these delectable finger food is oven baked, thus healthier than deep frying :p  Okay okay I am in denial mode :) Whatever ...these are so good that I will make this again if the cravings comes again.   I don't make a lot. Just enough for WB and that is about a cup each :p okay okay....I have to take care of my diet but cravings for such addictive finger food is beyond first and sweat out later ! Talking about sweating out, after retirement two weeks ago, I have  been on an excessive exercise training and muscles are still aching.  Let me digress a bit here.  A friend recommended me to this magnetic jewelry that can helps relief pain and helps speed healing of the tissue.  Check it out here at if you are interested to know what these magnetic bracelets can do for you.   For me exercise will have to continue seeing the way I am eating these days.  The weight machine shows an increase in weight LOL!

cut the Holland potatoes into wedges , seasoning with olive oil and mixed herbs
and paprika and cajun and a pinch of salt

bake on aluminium foil for 30 mins on 200 deg C
till golden brown and crisps on the edges

finger licking good !

Enjoy  And Happy Valentine's Day to all

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  1. Super finger licking food. No worries, as you have started on your exercises to burn all those calaries.

    1. yesss......have too..WB promised so he has to keep to his part of the promise lo... I cook I eat and I sweat it out :p

  2. Replies
    1. Angie...hahaha yea, the crispy edges and flavor makes them addictive. I love it...have to sweat out a few more rounds at the Polo Ground :)


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