Friday, May 2, 2014

Thai Food - AWet Restaurant

This Thai restaurant is a hidden treasure in Kajang.  The name of this Thai restaurant is AWet Thai Garden My Piggy Jo took me there when I was down in Kajang to pay her a visit.  Situated in Sungai Chua, Kajang and is built in a rustic setting surrounded by scenic lake. Tucked in a tranquil location , this restaurant also features a floating platform where you can dine in comfort.

I do miss my baby very much and I hope to make more frequent trips to visit her before she graduates, so that I get to eat here more often too...hint hint to Piggy Jo :p  This Thai restaurants offers a wide range of thai food.  Quite authentic I would say.  I like the food they served there, especially their famous thai mango salad which has crispy anchovies as garnishing.  I will share here some of the dishes we ordered and their pandan chicken is really delicious. Looking at the photos makes me drool away....awwww...* wipe wipe away the drools . Continue to read on to see our meals there :)

their famous mango salad......see the crispy anchovies ?

this is also another mouth-watering dish
it consists of four angled beans, long beans and stinky beans
spicy hot.....Piggy Jo's favorite :)

pandan leave wrapped chicken
this is finger licking good..the chicken meat
are well seasoned with thai herbs
and pandan flavored

the pandan chicken unwrapped....crispy yet tender on the inside

the inside of the chicken...packed with thai herbs....very fragrant
awww...looking at this makes me drool again :p

their famous tom and spicy...lots of seafood

this is another delicious rice dish from the restaurant
pineapple rice...lots of pineapple cubes and prawns in it
love it !

Piggy Jo serving the mommy :)

and dessert is the famous
coconut drink refreshing after a satisfying meal

AWet Thai Garden
Lot 1283, Kolam Takungan, Taman Cahaya, Sg. Chua 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel: +603-87332396 / +6019-2630828

Enjoy !

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