Saturday, May 10, 2014

Farewell Lunch @ Restaurant Mandarin Kitchen - Taman Mas, Perak

red wine pork rib

Finally today we are free to give our colleague her farewell lunch . We wanted to give her earlier when she retired on 1st March,2014 but because some of us are busy travelling and could not make it so we defer it indefinitely till everyone is able to attend and that is today :p   Sorry pal. We had a good fellowship and as you can see the food is big portion too.  I was so sleepy after that sumptious lunch. I ate a big portion ( and everyone started teasing ...saying that I am a growing teenager so need to eat more.  I told them nope...I am eating for dinner too as I have a two cakes to bake that night and do not have the time to eat dinner. LOL! 

We tried a new place and the food comes out in big portion.  The whole lunch costs us only $183.90 for 10 of us. Cheap right?

Stir fry kangkung , french bean and stinky beans sambal

bitter gourd with egg yolk and top with roasted cuttlefish

turmeric and wine steamed chicken

tofu with minced meat

Hongkong Kai Lan with cashew nuts and crispy shrimps and cuttlefish

Curry fish head ...the hand shaked so the photo was blur :p

the red bean sweet dessert

group photos of the golden girls
some reitired, some going to retire and some still staying on
Gambate !

Restaurant Mandarin Kitchen
No.2& 4, Jalan Mas 4, Taman Mas,
30100, Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: 05-2812207

Business Hours - 11.30 am -2.30 pm
                           5.30 pm- 10.30pm

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