Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Baby Josh Is Of Marriagable Age :)

Time flies and my baby Josh is already 24 and he is of marriageable age LOL!  I am not kidding, he is going to get married to Elaine middle of next year. He has 7 months to prepare for the wedding. He is now attending a marriage course in his KL church. Surprisingly he enjoys the marriage course given by the Pastor :)  He comes back every weekend to attend the course from the Lion City. Tiring but he enjoys it so it will not be a problem for him and Elaine :)

I asked him what is the course about and how is he taking it, he replied that the topic thus far is what is marriage about and financial management as a married couple.   Before he got engaged with Elaine a year ago, he was frantically searching  for couples rings and now he is just as frantic looking for couple wedding bands for his forthcoming wedding.  I pray that he finds one that is to his taste mmmm Elaine his wife to be must be delighted with it too.  I pray too that the wedding plans goes smoothly for him too.  I still can't believe my baby is all grown up and getting married soon too !


  1. Congratulations to Joshua and elaine. And you too :). Can drink tea soon


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