Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hot And Spicy Street Food Tofu

I used to buy this street food tofu from the night market.  The queue can be three quarter of an hour wait. But those days, I can really wait for my turn because it was really lip smacking good :)  But today, I have perfected it to my taste. I used mint leaves instead of basil leaves ( the night market uses basil leaves ) and raw garlic , sea salt and chilli flakes for the seasoning to coat the deep fried tofu.  I love this delectable lip smacking snacks.  Now I don't have to wait until night market night to savor this street food tofu.  I heard it originated from Taiwan.  Of course , the only think I can't replicate is their tofu ( a special flavored tofu deep fried )  I used the ordinary brown tofu.  To make the tofu crispy on the outside. I used potato flour mixed with mixed herbs, cayenne powder and sea salt and coat the tofu with this seasoned flour.  It stays crispy until the last piece is in your mouth.  So tell me, how could I resist such delectable homemade street food tofu :)  I wallop the whole plate as I watch my favorite Korean usual I am found guilty of two things...first the addiction to street food and second addiction to Korean drama.  I am pronounced GUILTY and I admit to committing food gluttony ! :p

Whoa...this is simply so good that I want to eat this again...look
at the amount of chopped raw garlic I have in there
and the lightly deep fried mint leaves crushed and mixed together
with the deep fried tofu.....simply delicious !!!!!

a whole plate of this tofu snack all to myself
I am guilty on all accounts :p

Hot And Spicy Street Food Tofu  - WB's Kitchen

5 pieces of brown semi firm tofu - cut into cubes
vegetable oil for deep frying

ingredients for seasoned flour for coating tofu
mix together
1/2 potato flour
1/2 tbsp dried mixed herbs
1 tsp sea salt
1-2  tsp cayenne powder

a handful of mint leaves - wash and dry of excess water
5 tbsp of chopped raw garlic
chilli flakes - depends on how hot you want it to be
sea salt to taste


Cut the brown tofu into cubes and  coat the tofu with the seasoned flour ( make sure every corner is covered with the flour.  Heat up vegetable oil  in a wok until you see bubbles at the end of the chopstick when you place the end of chopstick into the oil.  Slowly put in the tofu and deep fried till crispy and golden brown.  Take out and placed the fried tofu on a kitchen paper towel to absorb the excess oil.  Put in the dry mint leaves into the hot oil and give it a stir until you see the mint leaves are crispy.  Dish up and place them in kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil.

In a small mixing bowl, add in the raw garlic, fried mint leaves ( crushed it ) chilli flakes and sea salt to taste. Add in all the tofu and stir mix till the deep fried tofu are well coated with the seasoning.  Serve it while still warm.

* This street food tofu can be served as snacks or as a dish stand alone.

Enjoy !


  1. need to have rice also can

    1. It is a street food taken as snack...yummy good ! I am addicted to it Kathy...taste and aroma the same except their tofu has been flavored. Jadi la..healthier homemade version where the oil is concerned :)

  2. Hi Elin, lovely snack...and spicy for Malaysian tastes! Just a query, you did not
    write the measure for potato flour, is it tablespoon? Thanks and have a good night
    Mrs Singh, Ipoh

    1. Oops 1/2 cup potato flour or more ... enough to coat the tofu. Thanks for pointing out to me ;)

    2. Sorry, I miss out cup... It should be 1/2 cup potato flour enough to coat the tofu. Thanks for pointing out ;)

    3. Sorry, I miss out cup... It should be 1/2 cup potato flour enough to coat the tofu. Thanks for pointing out ;)


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