Monday, June 2, 2014

Stir Fry Lotus Root, Long Beans And Stink Bean

I was browsing through a chinese magazine and saw this delicious recipe - Stir Fry Lotus Root With Long Beans And Stink sure looks mouth-watering and I know I have to try it out.  Sure enough it tasted so good that I am cooking this again soon.  It is indeed a flavorful dish , easy to whip up and doesn't take much time to prepare.

the dried shrimps add flavors to th dish...yum yum !

Stir Fry Lotus Root, Long Beans And Stink Bean


1 young lotus root- cut into 1/16 inch thick
150 gms stink beans - halved
few strings of long beans - cut into 1 inch length
4-5 red chillies - sliced
3 tbsps of dried shrimps- soak, washed and chopped
4 tbsps of minced meat ( pork/chicken)

2 cloves of garlic - chopped
1 shallots- sliced
2 tbsps of vegetable oil
1 tbsp of fermented soy bean paste ( tau cheong )
a pinch of sea salt * if required


Heat up 2 tbsps of vegetable oil in a wok, add in shallots and garlics . Stir fry till fragrant, add in fermented soy bean paste and (B) stir fry  till the dried shrimps lightly browned .  Add in (A) and stir fry till well combined.  Add in 3 to 4 tbsps of water and cover with lid for 10 mins.  Open lid and continue to stir fry for another 5 minutes till all veggies are cooked, the long beans and stink beans still maintain their green color . Add a pinch of sea salt if required. Dish up and serve hot rice.

*           *          *


  1. Elin, can I join you for the lunch? This stir-fry looks mouthwatering.

  2. Angie...SURE! hahaha let me know when you are on the plane :)


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