Monday, June 16, 2014

Braised Spare Ribs With Bittergourd

This is a simple braised spare ribs dish that everyone in the family loves.  Flavors packed and the ribs are tender and juicy.  When served at the table, WB will attacked the ribs first while I attacked all the bittergourd for myself :p  When you put a carnivor and a herbivor together ..this is what will happen at the dinner table :)  I will normally marinade the ribs first with light soy sauce and corn flour.  I bought the fresh fermented black bean paste specially concocted for this kind of braise dish.  You can either use it for braised chicken dish or spare ribs.  For Ipohans in case you do not know this , this stall sells homemade tom yam paste, curry paste and ginger paste and many other special paste besides this fermented black bean paste and is located inside the Kg.Simee market. This has made it easy for working mothers like us :)  

a delicious dish and 
I can havea hearty dinner with just this one dish :)

lip smacking good 

Braised Spare Ribs With Bittergourd  - WB's Kitchen

500 gm spare ribs - marinate with 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce and a tsp of corn flour
1/4 cup of store bought  fermented black bean paste 
( made up of fermented black beans, fermented soy bean, garlic and chilli paste )
1 bittergourd   - cut into 1.5 inch sticks
1 tbsp of vegetable oil

red chilli slices
organic spring onions


Heat up oil in a deep pot and when the oil is hot, put in the marinated ribs and lightlyesear the ribs till it is brown on both sides.  This is to lock in the meat juice.  Add in the bittergourd and the store bought paste . Stir till well combined and the bittergourd and ribs are well coated with the paste.  Pour in 1 cup of water and under medium low heat, simmer the ribs till soft and tender.  Off heat ,dish up and serve warm. Garnish with cut chillies and spring onions.

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  1. Replies
    1. haha yea me too :) better than restaurant one :p

  2. cooked after looking at the photo yesterday. yim

    1. Yay! I can inspire you to cook this dish * dancing on trotters :p

  3. This is my family's favourite too - but minus the bitter gourd which my hubby and I had to eat. My daughter prefers the addition of bitter gourd just for the taste even though she hates the gourd. Your dish looks very delicious, Elin.

  4. Bitter gourd!! One of the best summer veggies. This look mouthwatering.

  5. Hi Elin, so sorry that I haven't been visiting your blog until today when I looked up my Reading List/All Blog. This lovely dish caught my attention. If I don't have the fermented black beans like that you are using, what is the substitute? This dish should go well with rice or porridge.

  6. Hi Kimmy... So good to see you here ;) don't worry abt not coming here often...I have not been having great recipes of late. This dish needs the fermented black beans as it is the star ingredient of this dish. Maybe you can use the fermented soy sauce ( tow cheong ) :)


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