Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bryan And His Dim Sum Rendezvous@ China Chuan Kwong , Greentown Business Centre,Ipoh

Today post will be a short one.  My brother from NJ came back for a short break and brought his godson Bryan with him.  I like watching Bryan eat .  So heartily and happy LOL!  I gave my brother and Bryan a treat at this quaint chinese dim sum restaurant - China Chuan Kwong in Greentown Business Centre.  Read on to see the dim sum we ordered that morning :)

slurp.............he was slurping  the  
"siu loong bao"  - Shanghai Steamed Soup Dumpling

 'siu mai dumpling ' - filled with pork and shrimp

' Har Gow Dumpling ' -  filled with springy prawns

'Siu Long Bao' -Shanghai Steamed Soup Dumpling

' Cha Siu Bao ' - Cantonese Barbecue Pork filled bun ' 

 'Jian Dui ' - deep fried sesame balls filled with red bean paste
to the chinese , this is a symbol of fortune and wealth :)

Deep Fried Spring Roll - filled with stir fried  jicama

Knife Cut Noodles -  with beef soup

' lai meen '  with special mince meat - the restaurant speciality

Deep Fried Har Gow -  crispy prawn dumpling  ...nom nom

 'Lau  Sar Bao ' -  chinese salted egg custard bun

this is yummlicious, when you bite on the bau, 
the hot gooey salted duck yolk custard  oozes out....mmmmm 
this is heavenly !

Enjoy !   

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  1. Didn't know that there's a dim sum shop in Greentown Business Centre. The dim sum looks good!


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