Friday, January 10, 2014

Making Kimchi Again :)

I should live in South Korea come to think of it , thinking of kimchi all the time.....I love Korean cuisine and especially this side dish...kimchi !!!!  I must have this side dish when I have rice for dinner.  I made another load of kimchi for my Piggy Jo.  She loves kimchi ( I guess she has my genes more ) and yay ! she is coming back next week.  I have them ready for her to cart back to her hostel..the Uni has a fridge for her so she can now keep kimchi in her room :p

I can make kimchi with the eyes closed ,  hahaha just kidding, that I do not need to measure out the ingredients.  I just go by instinct.  And most of time it turned out better than the last time  :p  Yea, I know my Piggies will be rolling their eyes if they read this and will tell me to my face ..." Mom , be humble ya " hahaha yea...ok ok...I will be humble then.  This time, I cut up the cabbage into 1 inch length and soak them in brine for a day in the fridge , the cabbage turned out crispy and gosh it tasted so good that I have a bowl of it , all to myself.  So good that, I salivate each time I open the fridge door and this tupper of kimchi starring at me , asking to be savored.  

Jo, this is for you will love it !

For the kimchi recipe
click here

Enjoy !


  1. How many salt & water to you need to brine the cabbage? How big is your cabbage?

    Thanks Elin, can wait to try make,


  2. Hi Kim,

    I used medium sized chinese cabbage. For 2 med sized, I add 6 tbsp of sea salt and enuf water to cover the cabbage. Hope this helps :)


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